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Monitoring Ceragon 2:0 Microwave Link Cluster



Hello there,

after monitoring more than 3500 Sensors with PRTG V9 I got a new challange to monitor:

  • I got a Ceragon 2:0 Microwave Link Cluster, that means, that on both Ends of the Microwave Link there are two Indoorunits (IDU).
  • On each site the two IDUs are running in a Cluster-Configuration
  • Within the cluster each IDU has it´s own IP Address (Sum = 4 Addresses) but - and now there comes the tricky part:
  • There ist actually no way to setup a "intelligent" Cluster like HSRP / VRRP, where one VIP Address is used to address the MASTER (or if it fails) either the SLAVE.
  • Within the Cluster Configuration one IP is active (the actually MASTER) and the other IP is inactive (SLAVE). If the master failes, the SLAVE IDU IP Address turns on in about 50ms and is getting IP-reachable (and the failed MASTER is inactiv and IP-unreachable).
  • Well, in the given configuration it seems to be normal, that one IP of the Cluster-Node (MASTER) is active and the other (SLAVE) is inactive - no matter if a) the Slave is up and running still awaitig the mainfailure of the MASTER or b) if the SLAVE is maybe broken.
  • So I want PRTG to minitor both Cluster IP Addresses (like configured those as two seperate PRTG nodes) and DON´T get into ALERT-State, if ONE of this two IPs is unreachable (cause that´s the normal state).
  • In case of the situation, that both cluster IPs are unreachable, I want PRTG to set the Alarm-State.

Wow - hard enough to discribe the Problem in german language - I hope, you´ll understand my english written challange :-)

Thanks a lot for your upcoming hints to solve my problem.

Best Regards René Grün

ip monitor multi

Created on Jan 18, 2012 2:21:33 PM

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I'm afraid it will not be possible to suppress the errors if one sensor monitoring such an inactive cluster node goes into alarm state. Maybe you can help yourself then with a Ping-Sensor being the master for parent as for the dependency and also the auto-acknowledge-option enabled.
The "final" step would be to use the 'improved' Sensor Factory in PRTG 9 to combine the sensors monitoring all the cluster nodes and then use the Status Formula option to have this Factory Sensor only go into error/warning state under the conditions you want it to go in these states (for example all nodes being down, only then an error-state shall be shown on the Factory sensor).

best regards

Created on Jan 18, 2012 3:59:00 PM by  Torsten Lindner [Paessler Support]



Hello Torsten,

thanx a lot for your quick reply.

best regards René Grün

Created on Jan 20, 2012 8:23:17 AM

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