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Netapp Disk Free Sensor split -> aggregate, volume, snapshot



Hi, I´m testing right now the monitoring of our NetApp Systems with the Disk Free Sensor. At the moment aggregates, volumes and also the snapshot space are discovered with the same disk free sensor. My problem is that we have different warning and error limits for these areas.

Is there a possibility to get different values for these areas? During autodiscovery...

aggregate disk-free netapp snapshot volume

Created on May 15, 2013 7:40:05 AM

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We're sorry, but this is not possible at the moment and it would cost a lot of time, so we're not planning to make it possible in the near future.

Do you know about our multiedit function? You could easily select all sensors, you want to have the same limits for and change them all at once. Is this a possibility, how to work around the issue?

Multiedit is available in every "list view" for sensors. For example, if you use "Sensors" -> "by Type" -> "SNMP NetApp Logical Disk" and then select all sensors, you want to change. On top or bottom of the table on the right side, you will find a small wrench icon. It will open a settings box, where you can edit the sensor settings as well as the channel settings. This will only work, if all sensors selected do have similar channels, but if all sensors are NetApp Logical Disk, this will most likely be the case.

Created on May 15, 2013 2:43:26 PM by  Johannes Herrmann [Paessler Support] (1,360) 2 2



Hi, yes I already used the Multiedit funktion.

But sadly aggregate, volume and snapshot sensors are all created as Disk Free Sensor. (all sensors have the same Type)

The second thing is that this would be a manual task. For example a new volume will be created on the storage system. The autodiscover will create new sensors for this volume and directly after this there will be an alarm. (due to the different warning and error settings for snapshot and volume size) This "wrong" alarm will stay until the settings are changed.

Created on May 16, 2013 8:27:49 AM



We're sorry, but the option you are requesting is not available at the moment.

The only thing we can offer is, to create a devicetemplate, that creates those sensors without any limits, so the created sensor would not automatically turn into error state, but you would still have to create the limits manually, if you wanted to use them. Would that help?

Created on May 16, 2013 1:00:21 PM by  Johannes Herrmann [Paessler Support] (1,360) 2 2



no limits for the Disk Free Sensor? So for aggregate, Volume ans Snapshot area? Or only for aggregate and snapshot?

If all areas are affected of this, it wouldn´t help.

Created on May 23, 2013 12:53:05 PM



It would affect all areas. We're sorry, but at the moment there is nothing we can offer that would help.

Created on May 23, 2013 1:55:34 PM by  Johannes Herrmann [Paessler Support] (1,360) 2 2

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