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SSH VMware ESX(i) Disk Sensor Error PE094



I added each one of my datastores to this sensor and all return the following error. Device is not compatible (can not parse reply data). (code PE094)

I found a similar thread that points to an issue where the name of the datastore does not match the results returned to PRTG.

Below is the data returned by this sensor when the results are directed to disk. It does look like the spaces in the name are part of the problem. However, after renaming "3PAR DataStore1" to "3PAR_DataStore1" and re-adding the sensor, i'm still getting the same error, any ideas?

D PAESSHSTART Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on VMFS-3 104595456 15531008 89064448 15% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR ISO DataStore VMFS-3 2136735744 595732480 1541003264 28% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR DataStore7 VMFS-3 2136735744 2094456832 42278912 98% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR DataStore8 VMFS-3 141295616 8850432 132445184 6% /vmfs/volumes/la4-esx01-ds01 VMFS-3 142344192 434176 141910016 0% /vmfs/volumes/la4-esx01-ds02 VMFS-3 2136735744 969281536 1167454208 45% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR DataStore6 VMFS-3 2136735744 2112274432 24461312 99% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR DataStore5 VMFS-3 2136735744 1490362368 646373376 70% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR LOAD DataStore 1 VMFS-3 2136735744 644251648 1492484096 30% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR DEV DataStore2 VMFS-3 2136735744 1885749248 250986496 88% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR DEV DataStore1 VMFS-3 2136735744 1907965952 228769792 89% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR DataStore4 VMFS-3 2136735744 1879957504 256778240 88% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR DataStore3 VMFS-3 2136735744 1603534848 533200896 75% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR DataStore2 VMFS-3 2136735744 2032345088 104390656 95% /vmfs/volumes/3PAR_DataStore1 vfat 315264 0 315264 0% /vmfs/volumes/512e838d-5ed38fa0-c405-e41f132c62ac vfat 255716 133340 122376 52% /vmfs/volumes/7a30da74-d4b62e6f-6519-58f4fee80b45 vfat 255716 148276 107440 58% /vmfs/volumes/ca8fe979-1d6ae622-cd4f-64e6dc056537 vfat 292688 206792 85896 71% /vmfs/volumes/512e837e-2a543e08-894c-e41f132c62ac

esxi ssh vmware

Created on Jul 3, 2013 12:39:51 AM

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obviously your command doesn't finish during the 'ShellTimeout' set up in the sensor setting (defaults to 5 sec). This can happen if you have mounted a large number of volumes from a NAS or SAN and one or some of them are answering slowly to the 'df'-command.

Please increase the ShellTimeout for these sensors.

Kind Regards

Created on Jul 3, 2013 1:51:38 PM by  Dieter Loskarn [Paessler Support]

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