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Does anyone has written probe for XWall SMTP server?




I'm using front of my exchange server product like this: XWall http://www.dataenter.com/products/xwall.htm

Very nice piece of software. Now, when I'm considering to buy PRTG, I would like to know, can I use PRTG to monitor my XWall statistics same way as I do now.

At the moment I'm using MRTG to monitor different XWall statistics. Basically, the MRTG is calling out some specific perl script with two arguments, and the answer is written to STDOUT (if I understand correctly - i have very limited knowledge about programming).. This perl script will connect to XWall port 25 (SMTP) and will invoke some specific command to get this statistics out.

For example: c:\perl.exe xwall.pl 1 3

And the console output looks like below: XXXXX YYYYY Uptime

whereas XXXXX is like Msg In and YYYYY is Msg Out

So, if I understand correctly, I cannot use Standard External Probe, because it's accepting only one channel. I must use Advanced Extrernal Probe XML which allows more channels. Okay.. I assume, that I'm on the right path.. but what's next.. my knowledge is limited to how to proceed.. I'm not a programmer. I have no ideas, how to turn simple command line commands with arguments which gives me viable output, into suitable xml for PRTG. I do have some additional information about this piece of script packed into zip file and located in XWall developer server: http://download.dataenter.co.at/ftp/demk/mrtg.zip

Sorry my bad english. I just hope that someone can give some directions where should I start looking for..

perl prtg13 script smtp xwall

Created on Nov 5, 2013 8:47:24 PM

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Accepted Answer



I just went over the script and adjusted the output to make the same PRTG compatible. The edited script can be downloaded here.
You will have to write an additional batch file which wraps up the call

perl.exe GetPRTG.pl

and also forward any necessary parameters. Please note that the script is not tested due to the lack of a XWall. :)
Best regards

Created on Nov 6, 2013 10:11:49 AM by  Konstantin Wolff [Paessler Support]




Holy smoke.. it's working.. I hade to modify Your script a little. First I saw some errors regarding "print" lines, then I found out that I need to put (;) semicolon at the end of each line like:

print "<prtg>";

print "<result>";

Also I commented out "uptime" section.. at the moment it's quite not useful for me.

Thank You very much :)

I'm going soon to test the other output parameters. At the moment I have tested SMTP Queue In & Out and it's working as expected. I have only one question left regarding this script.. can I configure vertical axis so that it will displays full numbers like (1,2,3) not (0.5, 1,5)

rgds Sven

Created on Nov 6, 2013 3:29:04 PM



Sorry, forgot about the semicolons. I'm not a Perl programmer but normally using Python where no semicolons are needed. :D
To adjust the axis, you might scale the same in the sensor channel settings.
One more thing, please do not use the script with the "verbose" parameter from within PRTG as this will most likely not work, i.e. send the sensor to error status.

Created on Nov 6, 2013 5:24:22 PM by  Konstantin Wolff [Paessler Support]




Thanks to You, I just ordered PRTG. So You can use this thread to argue over Your wage ;)

So far I have got needed counters working as expected. I have created 1 .bat file and 1 .pl file for every counter pairs I needed.

Thanx for now.

Created on Nov 8, 2013 7:13:43 AM

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