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Template regarding Windows servers




I'm new to PRTG Just installed the product, and it found about 80 windows servers.....

OK - but because of the default diskfree sensor (multi- disk) is used, I get a lot of alerts/notifications on my disks. Because some of the drives does not have 25% / 10% free space.

We always install the Windows OS on drive C: and creates other drives for data (some servers has a d: defined as swop drive - means is a fix size)

Is it possible to change the default used template for auto discovery (or create another) which set up a DiskFree sensor each found drive ? (how?)

Or could you suggest another solution ?

auto-discovery diskfree sensor

Created on Jan 8, 2014 9:04:05 AM

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I'm afraid for this you would need to use the single disk sensor - the same, however, cannot be used with templates. We would recommend adjusting the limits using multi-edit. Alternatively, you could remote the limits for the multi-disk sensor and define individual channel limits (this is also possible using multi-edit).

Created on Jan 14, 2014 2:13:55 PM by  Patrick Hutter [Paessler Support] (7,225) 3 3



Ok - I tried to customize the "Disk Free" sensor channel for a specific disk. : (multi-disk sensor)

Upper Error limit (%) Upper Warning limit (%) Lower Warning limit (%) 10 Lower Error limit (%) 4

But it seems that the sensor keeps the old (standard) lower error limit of 10% (I have waited for 2 re-scans), but it still tells me :

Last Message: 7 % (Free Space D:) is below the error limit of 10 %

If it where possible - I would have inserted a screen dump

PS. I dont' know how I get in the "Multi-Edit"

Created on Jan 15, 2014 12:34:48 PM



Did you turn off the default limit defined within the standard sensor settings? If not, please do so, otherwise this limit will also be valid.

As regards multi-edit: you can access the same by generating a sensor list, for example via "Sensors -> By type." You can then use the checkboxes to the right to select multiple sensors, then enter the edit mode. This way you can edit all selected sensors in one go.

Created on Jan 15, 2014 2:23:08 PM by  Patrick Hutter [Paessler Support] (7,225) 3 3



Where do I have to disable the default limits of standard sensor...? When I change a single channel on the "WMI Free Disk Space (Multi Disk)" sensor / "Free Space [#disk]" ch ID 7) - I do enable limits for this particular channel - and the other channels is not changed

PS Will channel numbers (IDs) always start with 4 + 5 = primary disk, 6 + 7 next disk and so on

Created on Jan 16, 2014 11:51:23 AM



Could you forward us screenshots of your sensor settings, as well as the channel settings to [email protected]? Please refer to this thread in the email.

Created on Jan 16, 2014 2:24:13 PM by  Patrick Hutter [Paessler Support] (7,225) 3 3

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