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Alcatel (6850 switch) probe



We are trying to use SNMP probe to monitor our Alcatel 6850 switch. When we add a snmp trafic probe, the configuration page (stage 2/2) list the port with useful informations : state, max speed, type, ... As the probe function is to monitor traffic, these infos are not showed after (when the probe is working). We have tried to find them using snmp custom traps with OIDs (from alcatel 6850 mibs), without any results. If PRTG probe know how to access these data, how can we show them ? Bigger question : has someone found a good way to monitor a Alcatel 6850 ? (at least the port state ?).

alcatel custom-snmp-sensor snmp-sensor switch-port

Created on Feb 3, 2014 3:33:38 PM

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thank you very much for your KB-Post. What exactly do you want to monitor on the Alcatel 6850? What happens to the SNMP Traffic Sensors? Which exact error do they show when they stop working?

best regards

Created on Feb 4, 2014 11:49:32 AM by  Torsten Lindner [Paessler Support]



Or goal about Alcatel 6850 : For each port : Traffic (in & out), Errors (in & out)... but also : Status (connect or not), bandwitdh (100 Mb or 1gb...), type (ethernet or ...), And For the switch : Health : cpu, memory, Rx/Tx/Rx, temperature, ...

Snmp traffic sensors work just fine : we've got Traffics & errors (in & out). But we can't find a way to retrieve the others datas with another type of probe.

Created on Feb 4, 2014 4:28:26 PM



Please check if the vendor of your device offers any MIB-Files that you can import with our MIB-Importer (https://www.paessler.com/tools/mibimporter) to monitor the target then with SNMP Library Sensors (https://www.paessler.com/manuals/prtg/snmp_library_sensor.htm).

Created on Feb 4, 2014 6:15:49 PM by  Torsten Lindner [Paessler Support]



We are currently using SNMP library Sensors whith multiple import of 8650 mibs. The best we have done is : Fine probes for the device (cpu memory...) from Alcatel ind1-health-mib or device-mib)

But monitoring the ports seems to be more difficult : We've got : - 1 probe for the status info showed as "1" if up, "2" if down. (from Alcatel ind1-health-mib / health port up dn: #[]) with no lookup. - 1 probe for the bandwith showed as "speed10", "speed100",... . (from Alcatel ind1-port-mib / esm port auto speed []). - 1 probe for the snmp traffic sensor (traffic & errors). - we are still looking to find a probe for the VLAN tag.

But for only 4 switches (2x 48 and 2x24 ports), monitoring ports will use at least 576 probes (with some of them not so cool to read, as the "1" or "2" for the up/down.

That's why we asked help : to find a better way (1 probe per port with most of the infos) to monitor theses switches. When you launch a new traffic probe, the config page ask you to select which port you to monitor. Each port is showed there whith up/down status, bandwith, connection type,... That's it : we would love to see that in a single probe.

Created on Feb 6, 2014 8:48:32 AM



I'm sorry, due to the very different OIDs it's not possible to gather all these information points in one sensor per port. Please be aware though, that the SNMP Traffic Sensor will go into error state if the port is down. So at least one sensor might not be necessary per port.

Created on Feb 6, 2014 11:10:49 AM by  Torsten Lindner [Paessler Support]

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