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snmp trap handling when no trap is received (Keep Last Sensor state)



Hello there,

I am using the PRTG Network Monitor and trying to receive snmp V2 traps. When it comes to receiving traps I am receiving them without problem.

My company has the following specific demands which must be met:

1) Keep Last Sensor state even though that there is no traps being received. Explanation: I have a software which sends sporadic traps. It may not send any traps for long time ex: a month. I want to keep the sensor's state same as the last received trap.(Currently sensor automatically changes its state to 'UP' when there is no traps received.)

2) Receive trap content via e-mail. I have a sensor whose Error filter is configured as ex: 'not bindings[,ok]'. The sensor goes to down state when it receives anything other then 'ok' message. The problem is that when I receive emails from PRTG it only shows number of error traps received. I need to know which particular trap content forced the sensor to down state.


last-sensor-state snmp snmp-trap traps-are-not-send

Created on Apr 7, 2014 8:45:05 AM

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That's what I was waiting for..

As a software developer, I need this ability to inform PRTG about the final state of my software. As an examle, think that I have a web site that's not so busy. I am making an HTTP request to any other web service each time a user visits my page. I send an snmp trap to PRTG, each time my web site tries to make that HTTP request. I send Success if my web site can reach the web service, and Fail otherwise. As I said before, my site is not busy, time between each visit may vary (between 1 second to 10 minutes). So the last time a visitor visited my site, my web service call was Fail and I got an alarm. And then no visitiors came to my site for 10 minutes. My sensor must still be in DOWN state. But in PRTG it goes UP after a while.

I don't understand the logic behind this. This is really useless. I would be glad if this feature (actually for me, it is not a feature, it is a bug of PRTG) is added to PRTG.

Thank you

Created on Apr 9, 2014 7:36:17 AM



Since this sensor is still in beta, we are considering this request for a change in how the sensor functions. I cannot say when this will be changed or if it will be changed. If we decide to move forward with this, I will post more information here.

As to being able to send the last SNMP trap from the sensor in a notification, this should be possible very soon with a new placeholder that should be coming out in the next main version release. Thanks for the feedback, we always appreciate it!

Created on Apr 9, 2014 3:04:28 PM by  Greg Campion [Paessler Support]

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