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Only getting some notifications



I did not setup PRTG myself but I do set up secondary alert filtering software and we have alerts being sent to the email resource for this alert filtering software. I've verified the software isn't deleting or disregarding the alert emails by checking the email resource we set up for it. Not all of the alerts from PRTG are making it to the mailbox. Many of the other alerts from PRTG are coming in but just a few get missed every day. So far I have checked the log for Notifications in system events and both groups will get the up but not the down and then for another alert/notification they will get the down but not the up. This is only happening with a few scattered alerts and so far I have not been able to peruse the log in fine detail to verify if it's the same devices with this issue. So, there are no error messages but all are set to send the first and and the first up but the logs show notifications are intermittent. Any ideas would be helpful.

intermittent-notifications missing-notifications notifications

Created on Dec 17, 2014 12:40:31 AM

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Hey tglaspie,

First of all, what is the version of your PRTG installation?

Than, did you test sending notifications to an mail address without your filtering software? Set up a second mail alert, to test this step. Maybe it could be your special tool.

Furthermore, if you are on the newest version of PRTG and you are using AD-Authentification, you have to "re-save" your user profile. This take the effect, that the Mail-Adress of your profile is saved as "standard". Otherwise you won't be able to get an E-Mail, but i don't think, that this is your problem.

Please do the test first, and than, post your new knowledge ;)



Created on Dec 19, 2014 6:53:15 AM



It's version PRTG Network Monitor x64. After talking with our email server admins I found that the email address of the profile may be the issue. We are currently migrating from Groupwise to Outloook and PRTG was setup under Groupwise. I will verify the correct email format for our new system since some issues with running both email services have been resolved or at least minimized by doing this.

I did run a few test emails without filters but the alert managing software should be ruled out even before that. You see the same missing alerts are supposed to go to our network technicians...but they don't get them either. Again this seems to be intermittent with no ryhme or reason. Thank you, TinaG

Created on Dec 19, 2014 4:58:58 PM



Hey Tina,

first of all, please update your System. This is not the newest version ;).

Is there maybe a keyword, what's matching with the missing alarms? I don't think this is a PRTG problem, because, you get Informations, but only partial. Did you have maybe also IP-misconfigurations?

Try to notify with another mail service, maybe gmail as a test. You could also test with a brand new test installation and 30 sensors. If this works, than you have a problem of misconfiguration in your system.



Created on Dec 22, 2014 10:11:14 AM

Last change on Dec 22, 2014 10:17:21 AM by  [email protected]



Sascha, First, I will check with our lead tech to get the update applied. Second, the alerts/notification are going directly to our network technicians without going through our filter at this time. We are doing that because the filtering software is just at the end of it's testing stage. So....the filter is NOT affecting the alerts the network technicians get and they are missing the same alerts/notification that my filtering software is missing. Also, I went through every alert we had missing ups or downs for, again the network technicians are getting alerts straight from PRTG with no filter at all and both they and my filtering software have the same alerts missing. What I found was that the alerts/notifications that are missing follow a specific pattern. at time00:00 -deviceA Down...everyone gets the alert/notification at time01:00 - device paused by dependency...no notifications go out at time 02:00 - device resumed by dependency....no notifications go out.

So....I believe something is either set not to send out notifications when a device is resumed in this case. I will be checking with our network technician that is setting up most of PRTG as soon as he is available


Created on Dec 22, 2014 4:50:35 PM

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