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Avaya Communication Manager alarm management



Has anyone set this up so that the Communication Manager MIB's are converted to OID's and PRTG collects and reports the alarms as the Avaya system does?

alarm avaya mib

Created on Jul 13, 2015 2:31:12 PM

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Unfortunately, we don't have the experience with Avaya Communication Manager and PRTG doesn't have any default sensor for monitoring of Avaya devices.

Please check if Avaya offers any MIB files that you can import with our MIB-Importer (https://www.paessler.com/tools/mibimporter).

If so, you can monitor the target with the "SNMP Library Sensor" (https://www.paessler.com/manuals/prtg/snmp_library_sensor.htm).

Created on Jul 15, 2015 2:29:52 PM by  Isidora Jeremic [Paessler Support]



We are polling our Avaya Communications Manager via SNMP to get and graph the current number of conneced H.323 endpoints. we poll this OID for that: What we are now looking for is the OID to poll the Session Manager for to get the current number of connected SIP devices.

Would be glad to discuss Avaya Aura monitoring with anyone who is interested.

Created on Feb 17, 2017 5:53:31 PM




We do the monitoring with PRTG of all our infrastructure and we have a problem with bandwidth monitoring on Avaya devices

The real bandwidth capacity for this internet link is 10 Mbps and the display shows us that it reaches about 1 Gbps.

Please, Can you help us to fix this bug?

Best regards

Created on Jan 16, 2018 10:14:29 PM



farot01, can you share some screenshots showing the issue? We need to see the wrong values (live data graph & table) as well as need to know the sensor type and its settings. Then we should be able to help!

Created on Jan 17, 2018 1:20:58 PM by  Torsten Lindner [Paessler Support]



Hi, tks for your reply and sorry i can't upload a screenshot in my reply,

I have a table of this interface, we made a comparison of the graph for the same (interface/time periode/interval) on another monitoring tool and the results are different

So this is not a unit conversion problem, is it a MIB problem for AVAYA device?

you will find a sample of the data of the bandwidth load graph of this interface avaya device :

Date et heure 	Somme (volume)	Somme (débit)	Trafic entrant (volume)	Trafic entrant (débit)	Trafic sortant (volume)	Trafic sortant (débit)
1/18/2018 3:26:12 PM	6,594,354 M-octet	940,293 Mbit/s	4,813,968 M-octet	686,427 Mbit/s	1,780,387 M-octet	253,866 Mbit/s
1/18/2018 3:25:13 PM	33,849 M-octet	4,826 Mbit/s	291 M-octet	41 Mbit/s	33,558 M-octet	4,784 Mbit/s
1/18/2018 3:23:11 PM	6,628,109 M-octet	934,307 Mbit/s	4,814,239 M-octet	678,621 Mbit/s	1,813,870 M-octet	255,685 Mbit/s
1/18/2018 3:22:11 PM	0 M-octet	0 Mbit/s	0 M-octet	0 Mbit/s	0 M-octet	0 Mbit/s
1/18/2018 3:20:11 PM	33,849 M-octet	4,827 Mbit/s	291 M-octet	41 Mbit/s	33,558 M-octet	4,786 Mbit/s
1/18/2018 3:19:12 PM	0 M-octet	0 Mbit/s	0 M-octet	0 Mbit/s	0 M-octet	0 Mbit/s
1/18/2018 3:17:11 PM	3,505,551 M-octet	493,567 Mbit/s	3,505,551 M-octet	493,567 Mbit/s	0 M-octet	0 Mbit/s
1/18/2018 3:16:11 PM	3,789,740 M-octet	525,900 Mbit/s	1,308,339 M-octet	181,557 Mbit/s	2,481,401 M-octet	344,342 Mbit/s
1/18/2018 3:14:11 PM	6,627,892 M-octet	926,338 Mbit/s	4,814,175 M-octet	672,846 Mbit/s	1,813,717 M-octet	253,492 Mbit/s
1/18/2018 3:13:11 PM	0 M-octet	0 Mbit/s	0 M-octet	0 Mbit/s	0 M-octet	0 Mbit/s
1/18/2018 3:11:11 PM	6,593,989 M-octet	922,060 Mbit/s	4,813,844 M-octet	673,136 Mbit/s	1,780,145 M-octet	248,924 Mbit/s
1/18/2018 3:10:11 PM	33,849 M-octet	4,733 Mbit/s	291 M-octet	41 Mbit/s	33,558 M-octet	4,692 Mbit/s

sorry for the display but the reply field does not accept tables and pictures.

Best regards

Created on Jan 18, 2018 9:14:14 PM

Last change on Jan 19, 2018 12:38:14 PM by  Torsten Lindner [Paessler Support]



Guys, anyone could learn me how to graph the current number of conneced H.323 endpoints via SNMP for Avaya CM ? [email protected]

Created on Sep 7, 2021 7:29:49 AM



Hello Khelmy,

Thank you for your message.

According to the response from Fred above, the OID which returns that information is "" however according to OIDREF, the latter return "An object containing the total number of abandoned calls, where the calling party hung up before the call was answered or sent to coverage."

If this is what you are looking for, then you can add it in PRTG via the SNMP Custom sensor. PRTG should then be able to get and display that value within a channel.

In case this is not what you are looking for, I invite you to check the documentation as well as MIB file of Avaya to get the correct OID.

If you have questions, let us know.


Created on Sep 7, 2021 11:35:27 AM by  Florian Lesage [Paessler Support]

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