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Error 2003 in SNMP Tester for an Adtran NetVanta Router



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Any help is appreciated,

I'm trying to setup PRTG to monitor out NetVanta router which supports SNMP.

I have downloaded the MIBs, converted them to the oidlib format and currently testing it against the Paessler SNMP Tester.

On the router side, I have enabled SNMP and set a Community String. What's interesting is that the router interface is not requiring me to select the SNMP version until I create a TRAP service in a separate page.

On the client side, I have turned off my Kaspersky Firewall, Windows Firewall, and testing with the SNMP tester.

Using a SNMP v1 in the tester I keep getting the 2003 error for both oidlib file and single OIDs I have extracted from that file.

The thing is, the router Statistics for SNMP indicates an increment every time I send out a test packet. But it also increases the number of Bad Community Names. I have changed and updated my community name and double checked and still get the same error.

Does this indicate that my SNMP packets reach the device successfully or the problem could still reside in the path to the device and being blocked by a Firewall, closed port, etc.

adtran netvanta prtg snmp

Created on Aug 28, 2015 3:30:25 PM by  PatrickShaw (0) 1

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Hello Patrick,
thank you for your contact.

The best way to check if the device is replying to SNMP requests at all is using the SNMP Uptime Test within the SNMP Tester. And if SNMP V1 doesn't work, try it with SNMP V2c, the device could be dropping V1 queries.

Once you get a valid reply from the Uptime Test, consider performing "walks" from root OIDs such as 1.3.6, that will list all available OID's to which the device replies.

Apparently AdTran provides an document called Configuring SNMP in AOS which may be helpful, unfortunately we don't have Adtran devices and can't give you specific recommendations regarding the configuration.

From the document linked above, it seems that the device has a comprehensive SNMP implementation, it even supports SNMP Views, which is a security feature which limits the access of each SNMP community, it could be that the default setting is to deny most OID's.

Once you have SNMP working on the device, it should be no problem to add the Sensors within PRTG.

Created on Aug 31, 2015 12:53:45 PM by  Luciano Lingnau [Paessler Support]

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