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XML: Junk after document element </prtg> KlimaLogg



Hi , i still get this error when i built a custom sensor to get Data from KlimaLogg Service

Does somebody know what is this error for ?

param (
	[string]$inputfile = "C:\ProgramData\KlimaLogg.dat1"

set-psdebug -strict

write-host "Start PRTG Sensor" 
write-host "Inputfile:" $Inputfile 

$inifile = get-content $inputfile

foreach ($line in $inifile) {
	write-host "Processing $line"
	if ($line[0] -eq "[") {
		if ($inisection -ne "") {
			write-host "Closing old inisection: $inisection"
		$inisection = $line.replace("[","").replace("]","")
		write-host "Found new inisection: $inisection"
	elseif ($line -like "*=*") {
		write-host "Found parameterline Key: $key    Value:$value"
	else {
		write-host "Skip line"
[xml]$inixml= $resultxml

$lastactualization = [long]($inixml.inifile.time.last_actualisation.replace("""",""))
write-host "Timestamp lastactualization: $lastactualization"
$timestampageseconds = [long](((Get-Date).touniversaltime().addseconds(-$lastactualization) -  (get-date 1.1.1900)).totalseconds)
write-host "Timestamp age in minutes $timestampageseconds"
if ($timestampageseconds -gt 120) {
	$result+="<text>Data to old. last update $timestampageseconds Seconds. Check Klimalogger-Service</text>`r`n"
else {			  
	foreach ($count in (0..8)) {
		write-host "Processing Channel $count"
		$result+="  <result>`r`n"
		$result+="    <channel>Temperature("+$count+")</channel>`r`n"
		$result+="    <value>"+$inixml.inifile.("temperature_channel_"+$count).deg_c.replace("""","")+"</value>`r`n"
		$result+="    <unit>Temperature</unit>`r`n"
		$result+="    <CustomUnit>Celsius</CustomUnit>`r`n"
		$result+="    <mode>Absolute</mode>`r`n"
		$result+="    <float>1</float>`r`n"
		$result+="  </result>`r`n"
		$result+="  <result>`r`n"
		$result+="    <channel>Humidy("+$count+")</channel>`r`n"
		$result+="    <value>"+$inixml.inifile.("humidity_channel_"+$count).percent.replace("""","")+"</value>`r`n"
		$result+="    <unit>Percent</unit>`r`n"
		$result+="    <mode>Absolute</mode>`r`n"
		$result+="  </result>`r`n"	
	$result+="<text>No errors found</text>`r`n"
write-host "End: ExitCode "$error.count
Write-host "Sending Result to output pipeline"
if ($error) {
	#write-host "Found Errors"

customsensor klimalogg xml

Created on Aug 31, 2015 7:46:40 PM

Last change on Aug 31, 2015 8:00:07 PM by  Felix Saure [Paessler Support]

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When you run this script from the commandline, what does the output look like? Is there anything after the closing </prtg> tag?

Created on Sep 1, 2015 7:55:00 AM



Hi, please take a look at this example: https://kb.paessler.com/en/topic/64817-how-can-i-show-special-characters-with-exe-script-sensors

Write-Host puts out Text to Stdout and so your XML is destroyed by your logging. All what you see in the console, when you run your script manually, was send to PRTG.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Created on Sep 1, 2015 1:12:17 PM

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