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Connection closed by server, please check ip allow/deny list



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Trying to configure a remote probe and i'm getting "Connection closed by server, please check ip allow/deny list" my core is set to "any" to allow all ips to connect and ive even specifically set that ip. Disabled both firewalls on the machines and on the router firewalls allowed 23560 and i already had 81 open on both, Core is running WS 2012, remote probe Server 2008R2.

Log snipped:

03/11/2015 00:32:05 PRTG Probe[...]
03/11/2015 00:32:05 OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 (6.1.1 Build 7601 Service Pack 1), 2 CPUs (Double x64 Model 58 Step 9), code page "Windows-1252", on "HITACHI HDS721010CLA332 ATA DEVICE"
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Data Path: C:\ProgramData\Paessler\PRTG Network Monitor\
03/11/2015 00:32:05 System Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\PRTG Network Monitor\
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Local IP:
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Core Server IP: <removed>
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Core Server Port: 81
03/11/2015 00:32:05 SSL Enabled
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Probe GID
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Init SNMP System OK
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Init Connection
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Init Connection 1
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Init Connection 2
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Init Connection 3
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Init Syslog Manager
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Init Trap Manager
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Init QOS Manager
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Init Timing Manager
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Init DHCP Manager
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Init Collector Manager
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Init WMI Connection List
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Init Probe Scheduler
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Init Garbage Collector
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Start Connection
03/11/2015 00:32:05 Start Done
03/11/2015 00:32:10 Connect from  to <removed>:81
03/11/2015 00:32:10 Connection closed by server, please check ip allow/deny list (retry in 5 min).

Edit: Formal changes - removed personal information

prtg remote-probe windows

Created on Nov 3, 2015 12:37:43 AM by  Gnomesenpai (0) 1

Last change on Nov 3, 2015 6:32:13 AM by  Felix Saure [Paessler Support]

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Hi there,

We will require some additional information:

  • Core Server: C:\ProgramData\Paessler\PRTG Network Monitor\Logs (System)\PRTG Core Server Log (1/2).log
  • Remote Probe: C:\ProgramData\Paessler\PRTG Network Monitor\Logs (System)\PRTG Probe Log (1/2).log
  • Screenshot of the "Setup > System Administration > Core & Probes" page

If there is a (2) log file, please forward both files to [email protected] by referring to this KB article.

Best regards, Felix

Created on Nov 4, 2015 1:22:52 PM by  Felix Saure [Paessler Support]

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