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How can I remove components from reports?



I want to cut parts from my reports, like the data table and the 30-day summary graph. How can I do it?

custom reports table

Created on May 10, 2016 8:36:07 AM by  Arne Seifert [Paessler Support]

Last change on May 10, 2016 10:07:38 AM by  Arne Seifert [Paessler Support]

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This article applies to PRTG Network Monitor 17.4.35 or later

It is possible to modify report templates. Report templates use multiple files. This article provides an example to create a new template that uses the include file for Graph plus 30day graph and Table.

Details about reports

Report templates are HTML files, using placeholders that are resolved by PRTG. Each report template uses include files. This means that usually more than one file needs to be changed. Most reports use these files:

  • The template you select in the dropdown box
  • Another generic file that provides the actual structure. This file is the one you will find to have the most opportunities to customize. It gets the intervals (1 minute, 5 minutes, ...) from the aforementioned template file.
  • A dataloop file to iterate over the actual data to provide summarized information

In addition, header and footer files are used.

It is important to not change existing files, as many of them are used by the historic data tab as well. Default files are also overwritten with any PRTG software update. The way to go is to derive new templates from existing ones with file copies using a unique file name.

Custom report template creation is a 2-step process.

Note: Good knowledge of HTML is a minimum requirement to make any of the following modifications! Please note that modifications are unsupported.

Make a backup of every file you are going to change!

1) Change an include file

  • Create a copy of the include file like for example Graph plus 30day graph and Table.htm file from \webroot\reporttemplates\details using a new file name, for example Graph plus 30day graph and Table Custom.htm
  • Edit this copy. To remove the data table, remove these parts:

<#report type="averagetable" repnodeid="<@subid>" repsensid="<@objectid>" avg="<@tableaverage>" sdate="<@start>" edate="<@end>">

as well as <#report type="table" repnodeid="<@subid>" repsensid="<@objectid>" avg="<@tableaverage>" sdate="<@start>" edate="<@end>" save="@save">

  • To remove the 30-day summary graph, remove <#report type="chart" graphid="<@subid>" repsensid="<@objectid>" avg="3600" sdate="<@start>" edate="<@end>" startoff="-30" endoff="0" width=850 height=150 graphstylefile="graphstyling.htm" animationandinteraction="1" datastylefile="graphdatastyling.htm" animationstylefile="graphanimationstyling.htm" graphstyling="baseFontSize='9'%20showLegend='0'" tooltexts="1" datastyling="drawAnchors='1'%20anchorRadius='1'%20lineThickness='1'" refreshable="true">
  • Save this file.

2) Use the new file

  • Create a copy of a template from \webroot\reporttemplates using a new file name again.
  • Edit the first line of this file to give it a unique name.
  • Change the include file name in the line

<#report type="list" name="details\Graph plus 30day graph and Table.htm" subname="details\Detail Loop.htm" graphaverage="3600" tableaverage="3600"> for example to <#report type="list" name="details\Graph plus 30day graph and Table Custom.htm" subname="details\Detail Loop.htm" graphaverage="3600" tableaverage="3600">

You can experiment to remove other parts which you deem unnecessary in your report. Please remember that we don't provide technical support for modified reports, not even for the ones modified by following this article. We also don't test modified reports for side-effects.

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Created on May 10, 2016 9:00:32 AM by  Arne Seifert [Paessler Support]

Last change on Mar 23, 2018 12:40:50 PM by  Brandy Greger [Paessler Support]

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