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What SNMP sensors does PRTG offer?



I want to monitor via SNMP but I am not sure which sensor will give me the information I need. Is there an overview to help me find the right sensor?

prtg sensor snmp snmp-sensor

Created on Aug 14, 2017 8:39:30 AM by  Brandy Greger [Paessler Support]

Last change on Dec 4, 2020 11:24:41 AM by  Brandy Greger [Paessler Support]

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This article applies as of PRTG 22

Important: The following article will no longer be updated. For up-to-date information, see the PRTG Manual: List of Available Sensor Types.

SNMP sensors in PRTG

PRTG offers many built-in sensors to meet your monitoring needs. The following is an overview of the types of SNMP sensors in PRTG. It will help you decide which sensors are the best for your SNMP monitoring.

Vendor-specific SNMP sensors


SNMP APC Hardware sensorPerformance countersBattery voltage, capacity, temperature, remaining runtime, I/O


SNMP Buffalo TS System Health sensorSystem healthNumber of errors/warnings, CPU usage, memory, uptime


SNMP Cisco ADSL sensorStatisticsSpeed, attenuation, SNR, power output
SNMP Cisco ASA VPN Connections sensorVPN connectionsActive email, SVC, L2L, LB sessions
SNMP Cisco ASA VPN Traffic sensorIPsec VPN trafficIncoming/outgoing traffic
SNMP Cisco ASA VPN Users sensorAccount connectionsNumber of connected accounts, online/offline accounts
SNMP Cisco CBQoS sensorNetwork parametersCurrent and max queue depth, drop packets and size
SNMP Cisco System Health sensorSystem healthCPU load in percent, available memory, temperature
SNMP Cisco UCS Blade sensorHealth statusOperability, oper state, power state
SNMP Cisco UCS Chassis sensorHealth statusConfiguration, license, oper, power states
SNMP Cisco UCS Physical Disk sensorHealth statusOperability & connection status
SNMP Cisco UCS System Health sensorSystem healthNumber of operable/inoperable fans, power supplies


SNMP Dell EqualLogic Logical Disk sensorVolumeAvailability, number of connections, operational status
SNMP Dell EqualLogic Member Health sensorHealthMember status, RAID status, free storage
SNMP Dell EqualLogic Physical Disk sensorPhysical diskStatus, bytes read/written, failed transfers, health status
SNMP Dell Hardware sensorPerformance countersSystem management software data, system status data
SNMP Dell PowerEdge Physical Disk sensorPhysical diskDisk status, roll up status, component status
SNMP Dell PowerEdge System Health sensorSystem healthGlobal system, power supply, temperature


SNMP Fujitsu System Health v2 sensorSystem healthOverall status, CPU status, Fan status, battery status, temperature


SNMP HP LaserJet Hardware sensorPerformance countersToner status, paper status, paper jam status


SNMP HPE BladeSystem Blade sensorStatusBlade status, power status
SNMP HPE BladeSystem Enclosure Health sensorSystem healthEnclosure condition
SNMP HPE ProLiant Logical Disk sensorLogical diskdisk status, completion in percent
SNMP HPE ProLiant Memory Controller sensorMemory controllerError status, condition
SNMP HPE ProLiant Network Interface sensorNetwork interfaceTraffic in/out, alignment errors, FCS errors
SNMP HPE ProLiant Physical Disk sensorPhysical diskDisk status, drive condition, S.M.A.R.T. status
SNMP HPE ProLiant System Health sensorSystem healthOverall status, CPU fan status, thermal status, power consumption


SNMP IBM System X Logical Disk sensor*Logical diskDisk status
SNMP IBM System X Physical Disk sensorPhysical diskDisk status
SNMP IBM System X Physical Memory sensorMemory modulesMemory controller condition, power status
SNMP IBM System X System Health sensorSystem healthPower supplies status, planar voltage


SNMP interSeptor Pro Environment sensorEnvironmentTemperature, humidity


SNMP Juniper NS System Health sensorSystem healthCPU utilization, fan status, system temperature


SNMP LenovoEMC Physical Disk sensorPhysical diskDisk status
SNMP LenovoEMC System Health sensorSystem healthRAID status


SNMP NetApp Disk Free sensorDisk spaceFree disk space in bytes/percent
SNMP NetApp Enclosure sensorEnclosure power supply and coolingTemperatures, fan rotations per minute, currents in mA
SNMP NetApp I/O sensorI/O operationsDisk read/write speed, network received/sent bytes
SNMP NetApp License sensorLicensesTime left to license expiration
SNMP NetApp Logical Unit sensorI/O operationsData read/write speed, errors per second
SNMP NetApp Network Interface sensorNetwork cardTraffic in/out, errors per second (in/out)
SNMP NetApp System Health sensorSystem healthCPU load in percent, active/failed/spare disks


SNMP Nutanix Cluster Health sensorCluster healthOverall status, input/output (I/O) bandwidth, I/O latency, I/O operations
SNMP Nutanix Hypervisor sensorNutanix hypervisorCPU usage, sent and received bytes, I/O read, write, latency, and bandwidth, package drop in and out, virtual machine (VM) count


SNMP Poseidon Environment sensorPerformance countersHumidity, temperature


SNMP QNAP Logical Disk sensorLogical diskDisk space in percent/bytes, volume status
SNMP QNAP Physical Disk sensorPhysical diskTemperature, disk status, S.M.A.R.T. status
SNMP QNAP System Health sensorSystem healthCPU usage in percent, memory in bytes, temperature of CPU/system


SNMP Rittal CMC III Hardware Status sensorData center hardwareDevice status, external sensor status


SNMP SonicWall System Health sensorSystem healthCPU/memory usage in percent, connection cache usage in percent
SNMP SonicWall VPN Traffic sensorIPsec VPN trafficEncrypted/decrypted packets per second


SNMP Synology Logical Disk sensorLogical diskVolume status
SNMP Synology Physical Disk sensorPhysical diskTemperature, disk status
SNMP Synology System Health sensorSystem healthTemperature, system, power, fan status

Generic SNMP sensors

SNMP CPU Load sensorSystem loadPercent
SNMP Disk Free sensorFree disk space (logical disk)Percent, bytes, total
SNMP Hardware Status sensorServer hardware statusStatus, number of errors
SNMP Library sensorDevice (+ MIB library file)Depends on content of MIB
SNMP Memory sensorMemory usageBytes, percent, total
SNMP Printer sensorPrintersStatus, cartridge levels, number of printed pages
SNMP RMON sensorTrafficTransmitted kbit/s, packets, fragments, drop events
SNMP System Uptime sensorRuntimeTime (hh:mm)
SNMP Traffic sensorTrafficIn, out, total
SNMP Trap Receiver sensorTrapsReceived, dropped, warning, error, actual trap message

Operating system-based SNMP sensors

SNMP Linux Disk Free sensorDisk spaceFree space (not yet used) in bytes/percent
SNMP Linux Load Average sensorSystem loadAverage system load in intervals
SNMP Linux Meminfo sensorMemoryUsed/free physical memory in bytes/percent
SNMP Linux Physical Disk sensorI/O on disksRead/written bytes per second
SNMP Windows Service sensorWindows serviceOperating status

Custom SNMP sensors

Not found what you need? Try our custom SNMP sensors, which are suitable for every vendor.

SNMP Custom sensorSingle parameterSingle numeric value
SNMP Custom Advanced sensorNumeric valuesNumeric values (up to 10)
SNMP Custom String sensorString (+ keywords) or numeric valueResponse time, value
SNMP Custom String Lookup sensorString (+ defined lookup file)String value, status
SNMP Custom Table sensorTable entriesNumeric values (up to 10)


Created on Aug 14, 2017 11:34:17 AM by  Brandy Greger [Paessler Support]

Last change on Dec 13, 2023 6:26:24 AM by  Yasodhara Das [Paessler Support]

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