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Can PRTG load sensor data from a file?



Hi, I have a question regarding PRTG Network Monitor.

I have two networks which are not connected together, and I would like to see data from the one network in the core installation of PRTG (which is located in a different network). Is it possible to install on the 2nd network a "Local Probe" which will create every 10minutes a (for ex. ) xml-file, which will then be sent via (for ex.) FTP to the other network (where PRTG Core is installed) and I will be able to see the data?

The problem is, the second network is not connected to the Internet, it only possible to send files out of the network, for ex. via FTP.

Thanks for the answer.

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Created on Feb 1, 2018 11:27:31 AM

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Dear fraintt,

this is not directly possible. However, you could write yourself a custom sensor which reads a file and converts it to a PRTG compatible output, which is then printed out on the console. When running, said output is not visible on screen, but PRTG gets it and can evaluate it. The custom sensor API is described here.

Created on Feb 1, 2018 8:01:08 PM by  Arne Seifert [Paessler Support]



Hello Arne, Thank you for your quick answer.

That is clear for me for now, that PRTG Core Server can read data from a File by a custom sensor. But the other question which now I cannot understand is, that how can I get the desired data to the "file" from a Probe?

Thank you in advance.

BR fraintt

Created on Feb 2, 2018 11:25:15 AM



Dear fraintt,

this can be done via another scheduled script which uses the PRTG API to read sensor data and puts it into a share.

However, such setup is probably not easy to configure and probably not too reliable. Please check if there are any other means to communicate, like with HTTP. This would allow to run a scheduled script which gathers data and pushes the data to a PRTG probe.

Created on Feb 2, 2018 3:10:39 PM by  Arne Seifert [Paessler Support]



Helo, thanks again for your answer. I was also thinking of exporting the alarms, or the log data to a CSV File, which will then be sent to the core system and imported there to view the statistics. For our setup it is enough to "sync" the data every 10 minutes.. I need a "solution" like this: A PRTG Probe will be installed in a network (no acces to the internet). In that network, a script creates every 10 minutes a file from the probe, which then will be sent via sftp to a share in a ohter network where the core system is installed. The PRTG core system will then read the file in the share and view the info of the sensors/alarms. Is this setup possible in your opinion? The main problem is, that there is no other connection than sftp to the other network which needs to be monitored.. Thanks for you help.

Created on Feb 21, 2018 7:48:26 AM



Hello there,

As Arne mentioned, in the end it's some custom script solution you need to build. With an API call like this you can extract for example all sensors in error state of a PRTG installation: https://prtg.host/api/table.xml?content=sensors&output=xml&columns=objid,probe,group,device,sensor,interval,status,message,lastvalue&filter_status=5&count=*&username=prtgadmin&passhash=passhash_from_useraccount_page This provides an xml with all sensors currently in error state. You can run this with a script that saves the xml to the desired location. From here you can for example read the file for example with a REST Custom Sensor or XML/REST Value Sensor. Those sensors do HTTP requests, so the file needs to reside on some webserver, this could also be an IIS running on the other PRTG using a different port where the xml gets copied to.

Much simpler approach would be using 3rd party tool "Status2Email" from here. You can let this run as scheduled task on the PRTG server to send status emails on a regular basis containing all sensor currently in down or warning states.

Kind regards,


Created on Feb 22, 2018 7:10:22 AM by  Erhard Mikulik [Paessler Support]

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