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Set factory sensor state to down with greater than >



What is the formula for setting a factory sensor to down state using the greater than > symbol?

I have a channel in the factory sensor that counts the number of missing devices based on a number of expected devices and the number of actual connected/online devices.

I want the factory sensor to go in a down state when the channel has a value greater than 0. What is the formula I need to achieve this?

down factory-sensor greater-than

Created on Mar 14, 2018 2:38:09 PM

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If you check out the manual page, there is a section on how to do formulas with comparisons.

PRTG Manual: Sensor Factory Sensor


Within a formula, the following elements are allowed to perform calculations with the values that are returned by one or more functions.

  • Basic operations: + (add), - (substract), * (multiply), / (divide)
    • Example: 3 + 5 * 2
  • Brackets: ( )
    • Example: 3 * (2 + 6)
  • Compare: = (equal), <> (not equal), > (greater), < (less), >= (greater or equal), <= (less or equal)
    • If the comparison resolves to true, the value is 10,000; if false, the value is 0. For delta sensors the speed is compared.

Created on Mar 15, 2018 5:27:04 AM by  Benjamin Day [Paessler Support] (1,441) 2 1

Last change on Mar 15, 2018 11:15:55 AM by  Luciano Lingnau [Paessler]




I already had the sensor factory working, but I was missing a formula to bring it to a down state when a specific number of devices is missing. I came up with the following:

  1. 1:If channel Missing devices is greater than 0, set the factory sensor to down state. channel(0011,3) > 0 status(0011)

Will this bring the sensor in a down state if the channel with ID #3 is higher than 0?

Created on Mar 15, 2018 8:22:21 AM



No, so the channel will let us know if it's a 0 or not. Then you'll set a threshold on that channel to when it's greater than 0, it puts the channel into a down state. Does this make sense?

Created on Mar 15, 2018 7:11:40 PM by  Benjamin Day [Paessler Support] (1,441) 2 1



Hello Benjamin,

That does make more sense. I have set the threshold as you described and it is working.

Created on Mar 16, 2018 7:58:31 AM



Glad to hear it!

Created on Mar 16, 2018 9:44:21 PM by  Benjamin Day [Paessler Support] (1,441) 2 1

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