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Custom sensor graph is showing wrong vertical scale



I have custom sensor graph to plot bandwidth monitoring,which used to plot graph Mega bits per second. Recently we upgraded PRTG software to After this upgrade the vertical scale is showing "%/s" . Please help

custom-channel custom-sensor exexml

Created on Apr 16, 2018 7:48:42 AM

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Hi Chetan,

Could you please add the sensor from scratch once again - does this change the displaying of the graph's scale?

Kind regards
Andreas Günther, Technical Support

Created on Apr 16, 2018 11:20:42 AM by  Andreas Günther [Paessler Support]



I have tried adding custom sensor from scratch. It didn't help. I have a power shell script which fetches data and prints in json. I used to get graph in megabits per second and #/s. After upgraded graph scale has changed to %/s

After Upgrading Before Upgrading <prtg>

<result> <Name>1-1-5</Name> <channel>Traffic_Out</channel> <CustomUnit>Megabits</CustomUnit> <mode>Difference</mode> <showChart>1</showChart> <showTable>1</showTable> <warning>0</warning> <float>0</float> <value> 0</value> </result>

<result> <Name>1-1-5</Name> <channel>FCS_Errors_RX</channel> <CustomUnit>#</CustomUnit> <mode>Difference</mode> <showChart>1</showChart> <showTable>1</showTable> <warning>0</warning> <float>0</float> <value> 0</value> </result>

<result> <Name>1-1-5</Name> <channel>Discarded_Rx_packets</channel> <CustomUnit>#</CustomUnit> <mode>Difference</mode> <showChart>1</showChart> <showTable>1</showTable> <warning>0</warning> <float>0</float> <value> 71937318</value> </result>

<result> <Name>1-1-5</Name> <channel>FCS_Errors_TX</channel> <CustomUnit>#</CustomUnit> <mode>Difference</mode> <showChart>1</showChart> <showTable>1</showTable> <warning>0</warning> <float>0</float> <value> 0</value> </result>

<result> <Name>1-1-5</Name> <channel>Discarded_Tx_Packets</channel> <CustomUnit>#</CustomUnit> <mode>Difference</mode> <showChart>1</showChart> <showTable>1</showTable> <warning>0</warning> <float>0</float> <value> 0</value> </result>

<result> <Name>1-1-5</Name> <channel>Traffic_In</channel> <CustomUnit>Megabits</CustomUnit> <mode>Difference</mode> <showChart>1</showChart> <showTable>1</showTable> <warning>0</warning> <float>0</float> <value> 73664</value> </result>

<result> <Name>1-1-5</Name> <channel>Total</channel> <CustomUnit>Megabits</CustomUnit> <mode>Difference</mode> <showChart>1</showChart> <showTable>1</showTable> <warning>0</warning> <float>0</float> <value>73664</value> </result>

<Text>OK</Text> </prtg>

Created on Apr 16, 2018 11:46:24 AM




At this point I'd like to continue with your inquiry in a dedicated Support Ticket.

Please forward us a Support Bundle including the system log files for analysis. This can be done via the "Contact Support" ribbon in the lower right corner of the web interface. Please enter this ticket's case number (PAE1023966) when submitting the Bundle.

Thank you!

Kind regards
Andreas Günther, Technical Support

Created on Apr 16, 2018 2:19:05 PM by  Andreas Günther [Paessler Support]

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