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How Can I Propose New Features Or Sensors For PRTG?



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I have an awesome new feature idea (either functional or sensor wise) for PRTG. What's the best way to request its implementation and make sure it doesn't get lost?

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Created on Apr 30, 2018 7:55:52 AM by  Stephan Linke [Paessler Support]

Last change on Sep 13, 2018 1:18:42 PM by  Martina Wittmann [Paessler Support]

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Our Approach to Handling Feature Requests

In the past, we've been using the bang-for-the-buck method to handle feature requests and similar feedback by our customers.

But as you become more and more and we still want to ensure that no request gets lost, we needed to think of a new method.

Feature Requests via the Paessler Knowledge Base

We decided to use our Paessler Knowledge Base as an interface for us, the Paessler Technical Support and Development, and you, the PRTG users. This brings several advantages:

  • Supplying a feature request is easy.
  • The status of the feature requests is transparent.
  • The list of feature requests can be maintained in a reliable manner.

Curious? :-)

Click here to see a list of current features proposed including their current votes.

If you would like to submit a feature request, please do so as described in the following paragraph.

How Can I Submit a Feature Request?

  1. Search the current List of Feature Requests and check if a request for the feature you desire is already there. If yes, simply vote for it.
  2. If you could not find the feature, ask a new question.
  3. Enter a descriptive title for your request.
  4. To optimally describe your feature or idea for improvement, please copy the following template, paste it, and fill it out to make sure it contains all necessary information. Otherwise, we and other PRTG users will have a hard time evaluating your request.
Want this feature implemented, too? Please **upvote** by clicking **Thumbs up**! 

(Posts as a reply won't be published in this feature request thread. [[|Read Me!]])

==== User Story
As a PRTG User, I want ...

==== Details of User Story
Enter the details of your request here. Make sure it's as detailed as possible, depending on the complexity.

==== Acceptance criteria
* Criterion #1
* Criterion #2
This basically gives us a set of cornerstones that need to be there in order for the feature to be implemented.

==== Status

Please make sure you tag your question with prtg-kbtracker and one of the following tags:

TagUse the tag if...
add-feature... you would like to have a new feature within PRTG
add-sensor... you would like to have a new sensor, for example for a new appliance
improve-prtg... you would like PRTG to be improved regarding a certain aspect, for example regarding the usability of the PRTG web interface.

Done that? Great!

Your request is now in the review process. The List of Feature Requests will then be updated and will include your request. And other PRTG users will be able to vote for it.

How Do I Vote for a Feature?

If you want to have a feature request evaluated by us, vote for it by clicking the Thumbs Up button of the feature request article. That's it!

Important: Posts with +1 or I want that, too as a reply will not be published and are not counted!


How Can I Keep Track of the Status of My Request?

The original posts will be updated automatically with corresponding status messages, being as descriptive as possible.

Do Requests With Many Votes Always Get Implemented?

They will definitely be reviewed. Eventually, we'll have to see if we can implement requests in a feasible manner, and how much (wo)man power would be required for the implementation. If it's easy to implement and test and has a high score, it's more likely to get implemented. If the request incorporates an entirely new sensor, it may take longer for us to get this done. We will ultimately deny requests that are simply not feasible; however, we will give a detailed explanation in this case (i.e. as detailed as possible).

Why Are There No Replies in the Feature Request Threads?

We will only publish status updates for the feature. User feedback is not published in order to keep the noise down and avoid dilution of the request.

Kind regards,
Stephan Linke, Tech Support Team

Created on Apr 30, 2018 8:46:48 AM by  Stephan Linke [Paessler Support]

Last change on Oct 8, 2018 9:20:14 AM by  Stephan Linke [Paessler Support]

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