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PRTG Remote Probe service stopping



We have a few remote probes (all up to date) on windows Server 2016 and recently we have had a problem with the service stopping randomly.

When we remote in and restart the service, everything seems normal.

Is there anything we can do to solve this problem?

prtg remote-probe server

Created on Jun 15, 2018 4:17:05 AM

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Dear Phillip,

in order to check what is going on, please check the Windows Event Log on the remote probe computer.

Please also check the probe log files, usually found in "C:\ProgramData\Paessler\PRTG Network Monitor\Logs (System)" in order to check PRTG's side.

If the issue turns out to be more complex, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Created on Jun 15, 2018 1:03:15 PM by  Arne Seifert [Paessler Support]



Thanks Arne,

I have check the PRTG log and from my reading it appears to be Time related. See log below. Can you shed any light on why the service would shutdown due to a time change??

15/06/2018 7:35:10 AM Time change. System: 15/06/2018 7:35:10 AM PRTG (UTC): 14/06/2018 11:35:10 PM PRTG (Local Timezone): 15/06/2018 7:35:10 AM
15/06/2018 7:35:10 AM Time Monitor:  7:35:0 7:35:1 7:35:2 7:35:3 7:35:4 7:35:5 7:35:6 7:35:7 7:35:8 7:35:9 | 7:35:10
15/06/2018 7:35:10 AM Stopping Probe...
15/06/2018 7:35:10 AM Step 1: Free Garbage Collector
15/06/2018 7:35:11 AM Step 2: Disconnect Core Connection
15/06/2018 7:35:11 AM Core Connection Terminated
15/06/2018 7:35:12 AM Step 3: Close UDP Manager
15/06/2018 7:35:12 AM Step 4: Terminating monitoring threads... (this can take up to 3 minutes)
15/06/2018 7:35:14 AM Sending "Terminate" to monitoring threads...
15/06/2018 7:35:14 AM Waiting for threads to terminate...
15/06/2018 7:35:14 AM 5 threads left
15/06/2018 7:35:14 AM 0 threads left
15/06/2018 7:35:14 AM Step 5: Free UDP Manager
15/06/2018 7:35:14 AM Step 6: Free HTTP Manager
15/06/2018 7:35:14 AM Step 7: Free DHCP Manager
15/06/2018 7:35:14 AM Step 8: Free Trap Manager
15/06/2018 7:35:14 AM Step 9: Free Qos Manager
15/06/2018 7:35:14 AM Step 10: Free Collector Manager
15/06/2018 7:35:14 AM Step 11: Free Core Connection
15/06/2018 7:35:15 AM Step 12: Free WMI Connection Manager
15/06/2018 7:35:15 AM Step 13: Free SNMP Alias Cache
15/06/2018 7:35:15 AM Stop Done

Created on Jun 17, 2018 11:41:13 PM

Last change on Jun 18, 2018 4:34:02 AM by  Stephan Linke [Paessler Support]



Dear Phillip,

the probe stopping is probably not tied to the time change. Please check the Windows Event log on the probe, and/or the PRTG core service log for entries which could be related to the probe restart.

Created on Jun 18, 2018 12:55:35 PM by  Arne Seifert [Paessler Support]

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