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Can I use my own images/icons/logos in the PRTG map editor?



PRTG includes hundreds of map icons for use in maps. I want to add my own custom image (our corporate logo). How can I do this?

custom icons iconset maps maps-editor prtg

Created on Aug 23, 2010 11:05:42 AM by  Dirk Paessler [Founder Paessler AG] (11,025) 3 6

Last change on Apr 16, 2019 9:58:27 AM by  Maike Guba [Paessler Support] (2,404) 2 1

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Accepted Answer



This article applies to PRTG Network Monitor 19 as well as to previous (deprecated) versions

Use your own images in PRTG maps

You can use any browser-compatible image in PRTG maps (file format PNG, JPG, or GIF).

Simply copy your file(s) into one of the following two subfolders in your PRTG program directory: webroot\mapicons\iconset7 webroot\mapicons\iconset8

The next time you add a new map item in the Map Editor, select one of the newly added tabs from the tab control and choose your new icons.

Note: In versions previous to PRTG 13.2.3, the folders are website\mapicons\iconset7 and website\mapicons\iconset8.


  • This feature requires PRTG 8 or later.
  • If you want to use these objects (in this case, images) in a map on a cluster, you must copy the new map objects to the other nodes manually.

Created on Aug 23, 2010 11:14:49 AM by  Dirk Paessler [Founder Paessler AG] (11,025) 3 6

Last change on Dec 3, 2020 3:25:09 PM by  Brandy Greger [Paessler Support]



Great, thank you. I will give it a try and advise if there are any problems.

Created on May 3, 2013 10:49:37 AM



Thank you.

Created on Feb 19, 2014 12:34:32 PM



I put my personal PNG images in webroot\mapicons\iconset7\ and also in webroot\mapicons\iconset8\. But in map designer, I find them and I can add them only as "static" icons. I expected that one folder was for "live" and the other was for "static" icons.

How can make them "live" (associated to any object/sensors)? have they respect some limits (dimensions, number of colours, etc..)?

thanks, Gianluca

Created on Dec 1, 2014 10:42:22 AM



You'll need to create a new map object with e.g. a status related background.

Go to the folder <PRTG Installation Directory >\webroot\mapobjects and create a new .htm file with the content

<!--Status Icons: Status Related Background-->

<div class="map_object map_icon2 map_icon_large <#sensor type="colorclassofstate" prefix="map_iconcolor_" id="<@objectid>">" id="<@itemid>" objectid="<@objectid>" subid="<@subid>" style="<#mapobject type="coordinates" subid="<@subid>" mode="<@editmode>">">
  <#mapobject type="objectgrip" mode="<@editmode>">
  <#mapobject type="htmlbefore" subid="<@subid>">
  <img src="/images/test.jpg">
  <#mapobject type="htmlafter" subid="<@subid>">

Then copy the image to the folder webroot\images and replace the

img src="/images/test.jpg

with the name of the image.

The object will be available in the Map Editor > Status Icons > Status Related Background.

Created on Dec 2, 2014 2:57:10 PM by  Felix Saure [Paessler Support]



There's a guide/more details on this topic.

Created on May 19, 2015 2:58:52 PM by  Luciano Lingnau [Paessler]




ich habe meine .png Datein unter iconset7 & iconset8 hinzugefügt, leider werden mir die Rubriken nicht im Editor angezeigt.

Was muss ich tun damit sie mir angezeigt werden.

Created on Apr 15, 2020 8:57:18 AM



Hi there,

It maybe displayed as iconset9 or iconset10 in the PRTG map designer interface here.

If it isn't displayed, I would recommend to restart the core server, so the files are loaded anew.

Kind regards,
Birk Guttmann, Tech Support Team

Created on Apr 15, 2020 3:33:49 PM by  Birk Guttmann [Paessler Support]

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