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Help with SNMP Trap Reciever



I am currently evaluating PRTG and was trying to evaluate the SNMP Trap receiver. I have set it up correctly I believe and I am receiving SNMP Traps however the 'Bindings' column, which I believe is supposed to be the actual Trap message, is gibberish. I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing something wrong here. The Traps are coming from a Cisco 5508-X ASA. Here is a sample of what I get:

Date TimeSourceAgentEnterpriseBindingsGenTrapSpecTrapTimeticksVersion
a8/29/2018 1:59:25 PM10.x.x.x$610004
b8/29/2018 1:59:25 PM10.x.x.x߃Lveg�$�0048924
c8/29/2018 1:59:25 PM10.x.x.x0047934
d8/29/2018 1:59:25 PM10.x.x.x= ² 1�I�E0047934
e8/29/2018 1:59:14PM10.x.x.x$630004
f8/29/2018 1:59:14 PM10.x.x.x0004
g8/29/2018 1:59:14 PM10.x.x.xu¾Zbì\[ÓçØ 3wì<_ã§ñ%{µnAÅ×µ´íôâ,7¦Þ??J¬æípêµGçÄSbÚë¦û²Ývzî¶\:Uå ?øÏ¿JfW?:?Md?ß+Q6??ÆÙ6þWª??? = $AF0048924
h8/29/2018 1:59:14 PM10.x.x.xÄUÑ}xd?d. ?ÇÅØYÊ°Ù` ??Ì4æq = &�0047934
i8/29/2018 1:59:14 PM10.x.x.x0004
j8/29/2018 1:59:13 PM10.x.x.x0047934

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Let me know if you need any further information.

prtg sensor snmp snmptraps

Created on Aug 29, 2018 8:15:54 PM

3 Replies

Accepted Answer



Hello Jeremy,

Could it be that you are using SNMP v3 traps here?

Unfortunately this won't work in PRTG yet. Please try using SNMP 1 or 2.

Kind regards,
Birk Guttmann, Tech Support Team

Created on Sep 4, 2018 12:57:01 PM by  Birk Guttmann [Paessler Support]



Birk, I must have missed this in the documentation while trying to research this issue. we are indeed using snmpv3. switching to v2 for testing and the traps are interpreted correctly.

Thank you for the reply.

Just out of curiosity, is there a timeline for v3 support?

thanks again.

Created on Sep 5, 2018 2:21:38 PM



Hello Jeremy,

Unfortunately there is no final ETA yet.

Kind regards,
Birk Guttmann, Tech Support Team

Created on Sep 6, 2018 8:31:09 AM by  Birk Guttmann [Paessler Support]

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