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Fresh install of PRTG, WMI sensors don't work (Win 10)



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I have a new development/lab computer here, with a fresh install of Windows 10 Enterprise. It's running both the Core and Probe services. No domain.

I'm unable to get any of PRTG's built-in WMI/PerfMon sensors to work when the remote device is a Windows 10 (Enterprise) system. I see the same symptoms on two workstations here (both running Win10 Ent). If the remote system if for example Windows 7, there are no issues.

Some of the sensors hang with "Preparing sensor settings..." message showing (while it collects instance names, I 'm guessing), other will simply not collect any data, even though they are able to initiate and create the sensor's channels.

A collection of generic steps I've tried:

  • Disabled AV and firewalls on all systems.
  • Changed the two PRTG services "Log On As" user to a user account that exists on all systems, same password.
  • Paessler WMI Tester can access the remote systems
  • Various WMI explorer programs run on the server can also access the remote systems just fine
  • Sensor "EXE/Script Advanced" with batch scripts that use WMIC to access the remotes system work just fine as well

I've followed a bunch of guides, including these:

I've spent countless hours troubleshooting this now, I've read and followed all the guides I could find in the PRTG KB and on Google, but unfortunately I'm getting nowhere. I do realize WMI is tricky business, and I'm fairly seasoned when it comes to WMI troubleshooting, but the issue I'm experiencing here makes me just want to pull my hair out :-/

I'd love to have some more tips on what else I can try to fix this.

perfmon problem win10 wmi

Created on Sep 7, 2018 4:48:30 PM by  Ivan (193) 1 1

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Hello Ivan,

Please follow these steps that will generate additional logs: 1) Within PRTG please head to "Setup | System Administration | Administrative Tools | Probe Administrative Tools" and hit the button below "Write Probe Status Files".
2) Please repeat step 1) 3 times with a 60 seconds delay before executing "Write Probe Status Files" again
3) Open "PRTG Administration Tool" on the affected probe system that runs the sensors (PRTG Server or Remote Probe) and use the button "Send Logs to Paessler..." on tab "Logs and Infos". Make sure to enter this ticket's id (PAE1087332) in the form before uploading. See also:

In case uploading does not work, use button "Open Log Folder" and zip folder "Logs (System)" (or simply "Logs" starting with 18.x.43) to "" and send it by email or upload it to our FTP: Server Name: (standard port 21, only supports TLS v.1 connections) FTP Mode: passive Username: customer Password: sl7aQyyJQrL50QH

Please contact us once the upload is complete. Please note that files on this server are not visible, you will not be able to get a directory listing.

Kind regards,


Created on Sep 10, 2018 6:48:18 PM by  Erhard Mikulik [Paessler Support]

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