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Alle Seriennummern von Geräten Exportiern



Ist es möglich, mit der PrtgAPI eine Liste zu bekommen, mit allen Seriennummern mit den dazugehörigen Geräten?

Bis jetzt habe ich den folgenden Befehl: /api/table.csv?id=40&content=sysinfo&category=system&columns=_displayname,_value

Allerdings möchte ich die Seriennummer von allen Geräten und nicht nur von einem.

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Created on Oct 2, 2018 12:15:06 PM

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Accepted Answer



You can easily retrieve the serial numbers of all devices with PrtgAPI

C:\> Get-Device | Get-SystemInfo system | where name -like "*serial*"

Name                           DeviceId   Property             Id     Value
----                           --------   --------             --     -----
Bios Serial Number             8701       Bios Serial Number          ABC123
Bios Serial Number             9458       Bios Serial Number          XYZ456
Bios Serial Number             9508       Bios Serial Number          EFG789

However, I strongly recommend you don't do this, as PRTG provides no guarantee that devices will contain this information. In practice, you will likely find that many of your devices are missing many of their system information types. If PRTG does not have this information for a specified device, `Get-SystemInfo` will simply return nothing.

If you are auditing Windows devices and have access to the domain, I strongly recommend you instead consider using WMI to audit serial numbers. If you wish to limit this to just the devices in PRTG, you can just the Get-Device (optionally specifying some type of filter) instead of doing Get-ADComputer on the Domain Controller

$devices = Get-Device
$results = @()

foreach($device in $devices)
    $serial = (gwmi win32_bios -computername $device.Host).SerialNumber
    $obj = [PSCustomObject]@{

    $results += $obj


If you don't speak English, hopefully this post turns out well in Google Translate!



Created on Oct 3, 2018 5:41:27 AM

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