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Hi. I wish to use a specific sensor to ONLY monitor my Internet uptime. I tried logging ping requests which does show me the areas of downtime but I want something a little more specific. Also, it's not clear how often the monitoring pings in PRTG occur. I have an issue with my service that spikes down erratically for only a fraction of a second.

Services logged in detach in these gaps which is really annoying - hence the need to find out what is going on and more important - logging it.

As usual, my ISP says there is nothing wrong with my service. I've swapped out ALL the equipment and run the connection stripped bare - and it still does it. It's definitely the ISP. I'm pretty sure it is to do with their traffic shaping at certain times of the day which creates a stop/start as the service switches their routers - but I need to prove it.

PRTG, Im sure will help me with this. Which sensor is recommended to do this - and which ones will poll at small time intervals? They have to be small as the service simply goes Down/Up - as quick as that. I need to catch it!

Any ideas guys. how would you go about this?

I'm running the trial version right now so I realise that this isn't going to get answered any time soon but some sort of reply would be appreaciated.

Thank you

downtime monitoring uptime

Created on Oct 24, 2018 1:29:03 PM

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I wouldn't normally recommend this, but you can setup a Ping sensor to run at 1 second intervals.

You can add the 1 second interval by going to Setup -> System Administration -> Monitoring.

Add 1s to the box of available scanning intervals. Then setup a device with an external address like google.com or whatever you'd like to use as your fixed point of connection. Then add a ping sensor to that device. Set the scanning interval to 1 second.

This will setup a continuous ping to this location. Now, please keep in mind you might get dropped packets by the target just because of the volume of pings you're sending. But, this should help you see if you're getting more than normal packet loss.

Benjamin Day
Paessler Support

Created on Oct 25, 2018 3:33:27 AM by  Benjamin Day [Paessler Support] (1,441) 2 1

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