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Sensor Factory Source Channels



Dear Support Team Is there an optional way to choose when a source channel adds or removes to a sensor factory (aggregation graph), its history included in sensor factory or not? Kindly thanks for your guidance

history sensor-factory source-channel

Created on Nov 21, 2018 6:46:40 AM

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Thank you for the KB-Post. I'm afraid this is not possible. A source sensor will always bring its full history into a Factory Sensor.
You could clone the source sensor if you need a clean start.

best regards.

Created on Nov 21, 2018 12:57:17 PM by  Torsten Lindner [Paessler Support]



Well.. may be.

Let me explain what I did.

  • Imagine a machine that produces parts. This machine sends the current count of the produced parts to PRTG.
  • The machine works from 8 AM to 5 PM.
  • Management wants to see how much progress was made to the today's goal - like how is production doing today on this machine

Now - this is a relative calculation - I had to know:

  • 8 AM * 60 Minutes
  • 5 PM (17) * 60 Minutes
  • current time of the day in minutes
  • current count of the machine output
  • goal of total output for the day

I had everything, but the current time of the day in minutes - that I needed to calculate this out using the Sensor Factory Sensor. So I wrote a script for yet another sensor that actually does nothing else then giving me back the current time of the day.

Now you might ask me why does this matter for your question?

In theory you could have a dummy-sensor that gives you for specific times/days a value of 0 back and for others a value of 1.

If you get 0 or 1 is controlled by a VbScript, PowerShell script etc.. to your liking.

What you would do is: Multiply the value you want to see or not want to see on specific dates with this dummy sensor. If you multiply a 100 with 0 you will get 0 - if you multiply 100 with 1 you will get 100.

It will not make the values vanish - but it would at least baseline them out to 0 if you want to "disable" them via a somehow automated process.

Note This can only apply to additional data in the future - but this still could be a valuable way of accomplishing your goals.

Note 2 If this does not help you - you could also engage the PRTG REST API and produce new data via the API while pulling what you need - processing it in a script - and writing it back to a new sensor to PRTG. Still - there would be a possible issue with historic data - in this case you still could use the PRTG REST API and e.g. pull historic data and move all to something like an Excel list or an external database format..

Ergo - it is possible - but not without some effort and thinking outside the box.


Florian Rossmark


Created on Nov 21, 2018 2:56:26 PM

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