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Error in adding SNMP sensor with a specific OID



Hello, i have installed PRTG 7 on my infrastructure and i have already been amazed with the result i had with so little effort in configuration and setting ... thanks for this terrific product.

I'm nearly about to order. nevertheless main point of such a tool is to include also hardware monitoring of my servers. i studied last week the different thread about it and understood that starting from my mib files and using the mib import tool, it was possible to create OIDlib.

we have HP DL360 G6 server. I picked the servers mib file from one of the HP install CDs. used import tools, that told me that this was good, and that he can understand all the counters there.

Now when i go in my PRTG main console and add for a remote server a sensor, selecting SNMP option with librairy and picking the librairy i created before, system think about it for a one minute and then comes with a panel saying "Sorry, the scan for Available monitoring items has failed!" error message "no available interface on the device (code PE049)"

looking at the explanation, i can't undrestand which of reasons are applicable, also with prtg can auto discover the device with its usual sensor...

i have created few other OID in case the one i use was not applicable, but same result...

Can somebody help me to sort this issue out, my temporary licence is expiring in 4 days now, and i will not be able to order without having achieve this hardware monitoring objective.

thanks in advance.

hardware oid prtg

Created on Aug 31, 2010 3:20:27 PM

Last change on Aug 31, 2010 3:50:05 PM by  Torsten Lindner [Paessler Support]

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basically this error means that PRTG was not able to find any counters on the device matching the OIDs from the OIDlib, or in another way, that no values were found "behind" the OIDs from the OIDlib. You can test this with our SNMP Tester using the option to scan against the device using this particular OIDlib. If the tester also is not able to find anything then it might have been the wrong MIB for the device.

Best Regards.

Created on Aug 31, 2010 3:52:35 PM by  Torsten Lindner [Paessler Support]



Torsten, thanks for the reply, ... did not found how to directly react on your reply...

I did the snmp test, without success... i have just 2 clarifications/question to bring there.

server i want to hardware monitor is in a private network. a remote probe is installed on a monitoring server which has one leg to the private side and the other one on the public side. this probe report to my central console in Paris.

Where should the OIDLIB placed ? on the central console or on the Probe.

As i said as an introduction the SNMP tester did not work even if i used i on my remote probe which has access to the hidden server....

So you reply that the i probably used the wrong mib...i will try others :-) but is it possible that my provide did not installed the one he was suppose to install on the server itself? is it possible to check that locally? on the serveur?


please keep the same KB-Thread as long as it belongs to the same topic.

It is not necessary to copy the oidlib to the remote probe, the PRTG Core server will basically send the oidlib to the probe and tell it what to scan. If even our SNMP Tester could not find proper values with the OIDlib, then it most likely was not the correct MIB, or the target host may not be 100% configured correctly.

Best Regards.

Created on Sep 1, 2010 1:02:59 PM by  Torsten Lindner [Paessler Support]

Last change on Sep 1, 2010 1:03:16 PM by  Torsten Lindner [Paessler Support]

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