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Unable to retrieve OID's using SNMP tester .



I am new to PRTG and trying to setup SNMP Custom sensors. Below are the steps i did:

  1. Enabled SNMP services on my machine. Also, made all the required configurations as per this page -> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/324263
  2. Downloaded SNMP tester and started it using the below configuration:
Local IP: System IP
Device IP: System IP
Port: 161
SNMP Version: Tried all the available 
Community: public

Selected "Scan available standard interfaces" option in the request type.

When i click on the 'Run Test' button, i get the below message in the right side window

----------------------- New Test -----------------------
Paessler SNMP Tester 3.2

Scanning Standard Interfaces...
8/31/2010 7:06:01 PM Start Scan
8/31/2010 7:06:01 PM SNMP Version: V1
8/31/2010 7:06:01 PM Delay: 0
8/31/2010 7:06:01 PM Force32: No
8/31/2010 7:06:01 PM Single Get: No
8/31/2010 7:06:01 PM GET:
8/31/2010 7:06:01 PM Try 1
8/31/2010 7:06:01 PM Start 3313096
8/31/2010 7:06:06 PM Done 3313096 Status=2
8/31/2010 7:06:06 PM Try 2
8/31/2010 7:06:06 PM Start 3313096
8/31/2010 7:06:11 PM Done 3313096 Status=2
8/31/2010 7:06:11 PM Try 3
8/31/2010 7:06:11 PM Start 3313096
8/31/2010 7:06:16 PM Done 3313096 Status=2
8/31/2010 7:06:16 PM Try 4
8/31/2010 7:06:16 PM Start 3313096
8/31/2010 7:06:21 PM Done 3313096 Status=2
8/31/2010 7:06:21 PM Try 5
8/31/2010 7:06:21 PM Start 3313096
8/31/2010 7:06:26 PM Done 3313096 Status=2
Result: #N-2003

Found standard interfaces:
No standard interfaces found

I am unable to understand what is missing !!! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

oidwontrus-neceffarily prtg snmp-tester

Created on Aug 31, 2010 4:11:09 PM

Last change on Jun 18, 2015 12:52:45 PM by  Luciano Lingnau [Paessler]

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The message statest that no standard interfaces were found. That doesn't mean, however, that SNMP counters are not available. Run a "Device uptime" test using SNMP Tester and check if you get a positive result. Beyond that, try a scan using one of Microsoft's OIDs.

However, please note that these OIDs CAN change if the system is rebooted, which in turn will make the sensor in case stop operating properly. Our suggestion, in case you want to monitor standard system resources such as CPU, memory, etc. would be to use the freeware SNMP Information library available under www.snmp-informant.com.

Created on Sep 1, 2010 11:27:55 AM by  Patrick Hutter [Paessler Support] (7,225) 3 3

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