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As I'm preparing for switching to PRTG Desktop, I have run in to some problems and questions. For testing purposes I have connected two of my servers in console, and I'm viewing them as a "Multi core dashboard"

  1. Will there be an option to acknowledge more than one sensor at a time from this view (it's doable when monitoring only one server, but not in dashboard view);
  2. Are you planning on improving on notifications/alarms, because for now it only plays the alert once, and if you wasn't there for it, you might let it pass. For example alarm could get triggered, in a known frequency if PRTG console isn't opened, or some other way;
  3. From time to time I get connection issues using PRTG Desktop, servers are running fine, but console on refresh gives out error saying something like "Connection refused/timed out". It's logical, that there is a problem with console trying to connect to server, and it can't do that in defined time so it times out. While using web interface, this never happens, so could that be a bug in the app or it could be related to some issues on the PC I'm using for testing (may be some resources are insufficient), because on my main work laptop I've never run into that error, while some of my stationary pc's have.

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Created on Dec 2, 2019 8:37:15 AM

Last change on Dec 2, 2019 9:39:00 AM by  Sven Roggenhofer [Paessler Technical Support]

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Hello there,

Let's get straight to your questions:

1) The Multi Core Dashboard shows an overview of all sensors and current alarms of each server. It's meant to get an fast overview of the current situation for every server. You can click a status overview to open the respective server in a new window. There you can acknowledge multiple sensors at once for each single server. I'm afraid it's not possible to acknowledge alarms directly at the Multi-Core-Dashboard.

2) If you are referring to the "Sound"-Notification: Currently PRTG Desktop will notify you only once per sound. However there's also the option that PRTG Desktop's tray icon blinks for every new down or warning state. This way you shouldn't miss new alarms.

3) It seems like there's an issue in your installation. Please contact us per mail at [email protected] and send us a support bundle containing the log files from PRTG, so I can take a closer look. For this, please open the support dialog "Contact Support" in the lower right corner of the PRTG WebUI.

Please also take a look at the PRTG Desktop Manual for more information about the Desktop Client

Kind Regards,
Timo Dambach
Paessler Tech Support

Created on Dec 2, 2019 1:55:08 PM by  Timo Dambach [Paessler Support]

Last change on Feb 18, 2021 10:28:33 AM by  Maike Guba [Paessler Support]

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