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Limitmaxwarning and limitminwarning in a map



For a project concerning the monitoring of 10 temperature sensors, I would like to use a map which would show the individual values of each sensor but also the limit warning values for them.

I found different map objects which can fit to the need, with gauges, values and warning messages but no one showing the values of limitmaxwarning and limitminwarning of the sensors.

As this map is dedicated to operators the access to that values on a touch panel would be complicated as a simple look on them would be efficient.

I know the use of the api/getobjectproperty.htm?id=objectid&subtype=channel&subid=channelid&name=limitminwarning.

It is possible maybe to use the api in a personal HTML element. But how to get the value without the version tag?

In my case getting the 20 limit values would lead to 20 api requests.

Is there not a more simple solution like a map object with the warning limits.

This could be interesting for other IOT projects.

Thanks for help.

channel-warning-limit mapobject maps

Created on Jun 4, 2020 1:50:04 PM

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Hello Skorski,

Thank you for your post.

The "Primary Channel" and "Channel" map objects (in the "Status icons" group), show the set limits in their gauges. Are these not displayed in your case?
Or do you mean something else?

Kind regards,
Sasa Ignjatovic, Tech Support Team

Created on Jun 5, 2020 7:20:18 AM by  Sasa Ignjatovic [Paessler Support]



Hello Yes the gauge show the limits in color but not the values of the limits as numerical values. Of coarse if you clic on the gauge you get the popup menu to change that values but this operation is what I call a complicated operation if it has to be done on a little touch screen (7" to 10"). What I imagine is an "interactive" map object (with a small script?) showing only the min and max values with for each a set of big up and down arrows to change that values with a predefined step. This object could then be used on a simple "field map" by operators, of coarse if such operation is foreseen and allowed by the designer of the map. Such an object should be activ only either for warning limits or for error limits. You should speak of that idea with Dirk. I know that he appreciate personally new ideas specially if they are related with the use of IOTs.

Created on Jun 5, 2020 8:35:22 AM



Hello Skorski,

Thank you for providing the details about your request.

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible in PRTG (at least not in the native map objects). We are planing to create a new Map Designer, that should have more features and provide more freedom for designing maps. Perhaps this would be something that we could include in the new designer, or have the option where something like this would be easier created.

Currently, there is not yet a ETA for the new map designer, since some changes "under the hood" need to be made before new features can be implemented.

Created on Jun 5, 2020 12:00:54 PM by  Sasa Ignjatovic [Paessler Support]

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