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Can I enable multi-factor authentication for my PRTG Hosted Monitor instance?



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Hi there,

I'm using PRTG Hosted Monitor and would like to have some additional security when logging in. Do you support MFA so I will be asked for a second factor using Google Authenticator or something similar?



hosted mfa multifactor-authentication prtg

Created on Jun 30, 2020 1:26:44 PM by  Erhard Mikulik [Paessler Support]

Last change on Feb 10, 2021 2:12:21 PM by  Maike Guba [Paessler Support]

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This article applies as of PRTG

Multi-factor authentication on PRTG Hosted Monitor

Starting with PRTG, you now have the option to enable multi-factor authentication for your PRTG Hosted Monitor instances and for https://app.my-prtg.com itself.

How to enable multi-factor authentication

Whether you're the owner of a PRTG Hosted Monitor instance or you were invited to access such an instance, you can log in to https://app.my-prtg.com with your credentials and then enable MFA in your profile's settings: Enabling MFA Click to enlarge.

Note: When you enable MFA on your account, it will apply to all instances that you own and that you access with this account as well as to https://my-prtg.com.

Once enabled, please log out for the change to become effective. Next time after you log in to your instance or to https://app.my-prtg.com, you will be asked to scan a QR code with a TOTP application of your choice, for example with Google Authenticator or a similar application:
Scan QR Code
Click to enlarge.

After scanning the QR code, you need to enter the current OTP then into the field below and after that you will be asked to store a recovery code somewhere safe:

Recovery Code
Click to enlarge.

Note: The recovery code enables you to log in in case you have lost your mobile phone or have no access to your TOTP app. For example, you have damaged your mobile phone or you have purchased a new one.

After you have set up multi-factor authentication, you will need to enter this code each time you log in to your instance or you can select to have it remember your browser and you will only need to enter this code every 30 days or after deleting all your cookies:
MFA Login
Click to enlarge.

Disabling multi-factor authentication

Log in to https://app.my-prtg.com and disable MFA again in your profile's settings.

Resetting multi-factor authentication

In cases where you need a complete reset of MFA, for example because you have lost your phone and also the recovery code, please contact us and let us know for which PRTG hosted Monitor instance this is about and the regarding email.

Where does multi-factor authentication NOT apply?

Due to the inner workings of PRTG, MFA currently does not apply when....

  • Logging in using PRTG Desktop or the mobile apps.
  • Using API calls to pull data from PRTG utilizing a user's passhash instead of the password.

Note: It is also possible to circumvent the regular authentication including MFA by passing along username and passhash inside the URL like so: https://i.heart.my-prtg.com/[email protected]&passhash=userspasshashhere


Created on Jun 30, 2020 1:27:21 PM by  Erhard Mikulik [Paessler Support]

Last change on Apr 28, 2021 10:27:02 AM by  Brandy Greger [Paessler Support]



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What about self-hosted PRTG installations?

Created on Aug 17, 2020 8:06:03 AM by  JasonTodd (10)



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Hi Jason,

This feature is only available for PRTG Hosted Monitor. However, we are working on the same feature for PRTG on premise. An ETA is not known at the moment.

Created on Aug 17, 2020 7:08:45 PM by  Moritz Heller [Paessler Support]

Last change on Feb 10, 2021 2:19:02 PM by  Maike Guba [Paessler Support]

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