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Notification E-mail - No up email if a Down email was never sent.



We in our IT department get a lot of emails and white noise, daily. We try to limit information coming to our inbox to allow us to stay on top of currant issues. If we see and email from PRTG we want to exspect it to be a down message followed by and up message.

Here is how are Notifications triggers are setup:

1. When sensor state is Down for at least 60 seconds, perform no notification

2. When sensor state is Down for at least 300 seconds, perform Email and push notification to admin and repeat every 240 minutes

3. When sensor leaves Down state after a notification was triggered, perform Email and push notification to admin

The issues is in step 3, we get an up email on everything that comes up. We only want an up email if the currant sensor sent a down message at the 5 minute mark. This is the way it reads and was one of many deciding factor in our purchase of PRTG.

Now it is not working like it reads and management is wanting it fixed. I have opened a ticket (#2011835) on this already and was told that I would get an up email every time something comes up even if it never sent a down message first. On a lot of our devices we give them a 5 minute recovery window before we call in support to use there time looking at it and working on it.

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Created on Jul 1, 2020 5:49:40 PM

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Considering the notification triggers state "When sensor leaves Down state after a notification was triggered" this should work as you've set it up. Could you share more detail on what UP emails you get? Is it across your PRTG installation or are you getting UP emails for all the sensors on a device where you've applied the trigger?

Created on Sep 2, 2020 11:13:17 AM



Morning Toy,

Yes that is the setting we are using and the way we read it as well. Talking to there tech , he said I will get an up message on every event that comes up. So if a ping is only down for 60 seconds and then comes up , message. If a switch port is down for 180 seconds and comes up , message.

This happens across all devices and senors. Rule is set on Root for notifications. We have learned 5 minutes is pretty standard for our equipment to recover if we have a flicker , or a false positive.

Thanks, Brandon

Created on Sep 2, 2020 1:18:43 PM



We face the same issue here, we are getting hit with UP notification when we never received one for the DOWN state.

Our notification is setup pretty much like indicated in the first post.

A solution would be appreciated.

Created on Oct 20, 2020 2:43:08 PM



Ok, the problem is that there are no notification in the first step of the state trigger, documentation states that there will always be a notification for the sensor leaving down state in that case. The second step representing an escalation it is not considered.


PRTG sends notifications about cleared states if the time for the trigger activation elapsed (defined in the first line) and you select a notification template here. If you select no notification above, you get the notification about the cleared status nevertheless if you define it here. The definition of an "escalation" notification does not influence notifications for cleared conditions.

Created on Oct 20, 2020 2:54:43 PM

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