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One time maintenance for notification



I know the answer for the title is a NO, but just trying to figure out some creative ideas for suppressing notifications on a differing schedule.

Our layout: We have servers in 14 time zones for our customers around the world. Each set of servers and endpoints are in a timezone group with tags of the timezone e.g. GMT. We have 14 schedules with allowed downtime (23:00-02:00 local time) We then have 14 Notification templates one for each timezone (I didn't want to do this but meh), with linked to their appropriate schedule to not notify during their maintenance window (we aren't allowed to do maintenance windows on the group - we need the stats) We then have 14 libraries which break the servers down by their timezones via the folders tags and attach the appropriate timezone notification.

This way when Sydneys servers are rebooting and showing fault, they don't notify, but if Londons or New Yorks servers reboot we get a system down notification. This is big and messy, but it appears to work.

Still with me? OK

On top of this we have a monthly maintenance window of 02:00-0500 local time, which stretches over a week (say first week in the month), so its nothing easy like Sydney is on a monday, New York Tuesday etc..... And, yep the patching window doesn't match our maintenance window.

I can't extend the regular schedule to include this as we will potentially not be alerting from 11pm to 5am the next day each day.

Ideally, I could send a command via the api do a one time maintenance window on the NOTIFICATIONS for x hours (or pause for X hours like we can do with the sensors) when we have a patch cycle.

Does anyone have any creative suggestions on how do what I'm talking about above or know of a way of doing one time maintenance on NOTIFICATIONs.



notifications pause schedule

Created on Oct 22, 2020 8:09:44 PM

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you can use the API calls for pausing and resuming an object:

pause: https://your_prtg_host/api/pause.htm?id=objectid&pausemsg=message&action=0&username=myuser&passhash=hash
resume: https://your_prtg_host/api/pause.htm?id=objectid&pausemsg=message&action=1&username=myuser&passhash=hash

You will have to set the the objectid to the ID of the notification template you want to pause and resume.

Kind regards,
Matthias Kupfer - Team Tech Support

Created on Oct 23, 2020 9:16:07 AM by  Matthias Kupfer [Paessler Support]



Yes, I'm probably going to have to do it like that, but I was hoping for ideas that would automatically resume after X hours or after a window has passed.

Created on Oct 23, 2020 9:28:26 AM

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