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adjust the wmiapieventlog sensor



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I think tihs question goes to the lord. I want to adjust the wmiapieventlog sensor in example the event the I want to monitor (system or application). I do not find the "logfile" Is this also a raw parameter?

Thanx for help

PS C:\Users\BID00422.BID\Dropbox\PRTG_Go> Get-Sensor -id 84826 | Get-ObjectProperty

InheritAccess              : True
ParentTags                 : {SERVICES-APP-TERMINAL, SERVICES-APP, SERVICES, MusterKunde}
DebugMode                  : Discard
Url                        :
HttpRequestMethod          :
PostData                   : 
UseCustomPostContent       :
PostContentType            :
UseSNIFromUrl              :
Timeout                    :
PingPacketSize             : 
PingMode                   :
PingCount                  : 
PingDelay                  :
AutoAcknowledge            :
GraphType                  : Independent
ExeFile                    :
ExeParameters              :
SetExeEnvironmentVariables :
UseWindowsAuthentication   :
Mutex                      :
WmiMode                    : 
Target                     :
PingRemotePacketSize       :
ChannelDefinition          :
FactoryErrorMode           :
FactoryErrorFormula        :
FactoryMissingDataMode     :
StartStopped               :
NotifyChanged              :
MonitorPerformance         :
ServiceName                :
Database                   :
UseCustomInstance          :
InstanceName               :
SqlEncryptionMode          :
UseSqlInputParameter       : 
SqlInputParameter          :
SqlTransactionMode         :
Name                       : Ereignisanzeige: Application
Tags                       : {wmiapieventlogsensor, P_4, C_2_ext}
Priority                   : Three
InheritProxy               :
ProxyAddress               :
ProxyPort                  :
ProxyUser                  :
HasProxyPassword           : False
InheritInterval            : True
Interval                   : 00:01:00
IntervalErrorMode          : OneWarningThenDown
InheritDependency          : True
Schedule                   : None
MaintenanceEnabled         : False
MaintenanceStart           : 12.11.2018 12:06:00
MaintenanceEnd             : 12.11.2018 12:06:00
DependencyType             : Parent
DependentObjectId          : 0
DependencyDelay            : 0
InheritChannelUnit         :
BandwidthVolumeUnit        :
BandwidthSpeedUnit         :
BandwidthTimeUnit          :
MemoryUsageUnit            : 
DiskSizeUnit               :
FileSizeUnit               :

#winapieventlog api powershell

Created on Dec 13, 2020 6:37:27 PM by  Carsten (0) 1

Last change on Dec 14, 2020 9:39:47 AM by  Timo Dambach [Paessler Support]

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Hi Carsten,

Properties not natively supported by PrtgAPI can be manipulated via the -Raw parameter set. Please see the following article for more information

In addition, you may also wish to look at

This appears to be a duplicate of the same question you asked on GitHub. Please note that PrtgAPI is a third party product; as such, questions should be asked on the GitHub Issues page, rather than on the Paessler forums.



Created on Dec 14, 2020 8:54:28 AM by  lordmilko (2,162) 2 1

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