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Enhance the search engine in the PRTG Web GUI



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User story

As a PRTG user, I want to make searching using the Web GUI much more intuitive than it currently is (after an initial search is completed)

Details of user story

In the PRTG Web GUI, when the ‘Search’ function is used (via the top Right hand "Search..." field) it returns results from ALL of PRTG (including sensors, objects, comments, etc). The resulting page is a ‘Detailed Search’ screen that says to the user "Please enter a search string" but then contains a “Search in:” device tree (presumably to make it more granular?). I believe this subsequent detailed search function is flawed and will cause users to 'search' for a string, but not find it (and think it doesn't exist in PRTG when it actually does).

I think it would be EXTREMELY helpful to have the 'Detailed Search' screen contained a ‘Default’ Device Tree option that has “all PRTG” selected (just like the original search at the top right of the screen). This would allow any subsequent search to give the same results as the top Search Box (unless the user specifically decides to drill their search down to sensors, or devices etc).

The reason I think this would be useful is that people who do an initial search by the top right box find the result for that search but ANY Subsequent search will not provide any results unless the user knows to select the correct 'Device Tree' option (Group, Sensor, etc) and it is highly likely that the user will not know which 'Device Tree' level to pick when they do subsequent searches (and will therefore conclude the search string does not appear in PRTG).

I know that you are thinking "Just use the top right search box Every time you do a search" and that makes sense, but it is not intuitive and because there is a subsequent 'Detailed search' screen, it is assumed by users that the 'detailed search' will find the string they are looking for just like the original search did.

Acceptance criteria

After a user enters a search string at the top right hand corner of the WebGUI, the 'Detailed Search' screen automatically selects a 'Device Tree' of "All PRTG objects" so that subsequent searches find the same results as the initial search using the top right hand search box



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Created on Jan 14, 2021 11:55:47 PM

Last change on Jan 15, 2021 5:02:25 AM by  Sebastian Kniege [Paessler Support]


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