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Sensor Python code (Invalid JSON.). (code: PE231)



HI! I try to make Python Script advance script, but get error (Invalid JSON.). (code: PE231). My python script work on rassberry py and on my windows installed python 3.9 Here is my python script:; ------------------------------------------------------------ from requests import get import json import threading

url = "http://homeassistant.local:88/api/states/sensor.a4c138a3bba8_temperature" headers = { "Authorization": "Bearer xy", "content-type": "application/json", }

response = get(url, headers=headers) print(response.text) ---------------------------------------------------------- and response is :

{"entity_id": "sensor.a4c138a3bba8_temperature", "state": "20.1", "attributes": {"unit_of_measurement": "\u00b0C", "friendly_name": "Balkon Temperature", "device_class": "temperature"}, "last_changed": "2021-08-20T07:20:44.263451+00:00", "last_updated": "2021-08-20T07:20:44.263451+00:00", "context": {"id": "de2rdd0aefee81c6882ee0", "parent_id": null, "user_id": null}}

I can also parse this value to add in python code:

  1. data = response.text
  2. parsed = json.loads(data)
  3. vr = float(parsed["state"])
  4. print vr

response is 14.3, this is what i need, temperature of my sensor....

How add this to prtg?


json python requests

Created on Aug 20, 2021 7:33:43 AM

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Hi there,

Thanks for the KB post.

Our Python sensor expects an output follow as stated in the manual:



With kind regards,
Chan Siau Hen
Technical Support Team, Paessler AG.

Created on Aug 25, 2021 6:36:11 AM by  Chan Siau Hen [Paessler Technical Support]

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