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What do I need to know about the data sharing options in Paessler PRTG Hosted Monitor?



In PRTG Hosted Monitor, I can choose to opt out of sharing my data, use the default data sharing, or opt in to fully share my data. What does this mean and how would my data be used if I choose to share my data?

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Created on Feb 27, 2023 3:18:22 PM by  Florian Weik (1,927) 2 2

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Accepted Answer



This article only applies to Paessler PRTG Hosted Monitor

Data sharing options in PRTG Hosted Monitor

You have the following options as a PRTG Hosted Monitor user when it comes to data sharing:

  • Share telemetry data: You only share telemetry data with Paessler.
  • Share anonymized data: You share anonymized data with Paessler.
  • Share comprehensive data: You share deanonymized data with Paessler.

Share telemetry data

If you select Share telemetry data, you do not share data beyond basic telemetry data and high-level statistics. For example, the number of sensors in your instance is transmitted, but no details about the type of the sensors or any measurements. Telemetry data only displays if the product is working or not. As a result, insights into your infrastructure are very limited.

Share anonymized data

Information: When you sign up for PRTG Hosted Monitor, you agree to share anonymized data as per the Data Protection Agreement Paessler PRTG Hosted Monitor you can find under https://www.paessler.com/company/terms.

If you select Share anonymized data, the data is shared in such a way that it ‘can no longer be attributed to a person or the client’ (Data Protection Agreement Paessler PRTG Hosted Monitor, section 4). Paessler uses the data that customers share for research and development to further optimize the product and the user experience.

Important notice: Login data, security relevant settings, and data like names, user IDs, IP addresses, DNS names, MAC addresses, and email addresses will either be removed from the data or hashed with SHA-256 before you share it with Paessler. Paessler data historians double-check all data to ensure that the data is properly anonymized.

What is included in shared anonymized data:

  • All properties of probes, groups, devices, sensors, channels, reports, maps, notification triggers, notification templates, user groups, and user accounts, for example dependencies, limits, or settings
  • Log messages and history, including object changes, triggered notifications, and other events
  • Raw values of all channels
  • The system information database
  • The PRTG web server log files

Share comprehensive data

You can share deanonymized data that grants Paessler data scientists access to your PRTG Hosted Monitor data with the exception of encrypted data, for example credentials.

If you select Share comprehensive data, you share a full copy of the data from your PRTG Hosted Monitor instance. This data is stored at Paessler. Paessler uses the data to better understand how users use Paessler PRTG, to determine areas of improvement, and to research new products and features. Paessler aims to analyze trends and correlations that were previously unknown, as well as come up with appropriate solutions for common issues.

Is my data safe if I select ‘Share anonymized data‘ or ‘Share comprehensive data‘?

Yes, Paessler observes the EU General Data Protection Regulation guidelines and is dedicated to protecting the privacy of its users. For general information on the processing of your data and the contact in the company, see the Paessler AG Privacy Policy.

Created on Mar 1, 2023 9:06:08 AM by  Florian Weik (1,927) 2 2

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