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Issue with HPe HTTPS sensors



Hi all,

I have upgraded recently PRTG to version 23.2.83. Since this upgrade, all my SSL Check sensors for ONLY my HPe systems are down. Error is: Failed to shutdown the TLS connection.error:140E0197:SSL routines:SSL_shutdown:shutdown while in init

It was working before the upgrade, and nothing changed (no firewall changes, etc.). The other HTTPS checks are working well.

I also checked the web GUI themselves: all are working well, and certificate is approved.

Can you help me for that ?

Thanks in advance !

certificate hpe prtg ssl

Created on May 10, 2023 8:27:09 AM

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Hi, i have the same error. After updating to version, the sensor is faulty.

Created on May 22, 2023 1:12:53 PM




The embedded Web Server on HPE devices seems to deliver an unspecified response when queried for an unknown Cipher request, as we introduced TLS 1.3 support in the last release this is caused by an attempt in our sensors to use TLS 1.3 with the HPE Web Server.

We updated the affected sensors to treat the message that the Web Server is returning as a not supported message and falling back to TLS 1.2. This updated Sensors ships in Version which has been released today.

Kind regards,
Johannes Beyerlein, Technical Support Team

Created on May 24, 2023 1:47:43 PM by  Johannes Beyerlein [Paessler Support]



Hi, Yes, I can confirm that after updating PRTG to version, the sensors are now working well (for the SSL Security Check) :-)

Just, for now, some Aruba switches are in warning, showing "Weak protocols available" (sometimes showing SSL3 enabled, sometimes TLS1.0, sometimes both). But I have verified my configurations and switches are correct, with the config "tls application web-ssl lowest-version tls1.2"

Strange is that this only appear on some switch, not all, and all have the same configuration. I will continue to compare and investigate, but if you have any idea ;-)

Kind regards

Created on May 25, 2023 11:52:30 AM



Hello ZeDidi,

If you are still experiencing issues with this sensor please reach out to us via support ticket so we can evaluate if this is some additional bug.

Kind regards, Johannes Beyerlein, Technical Support Team

Created on May 30, 2023 12:23:12 PM by  Johannes Beyerlein [Paessler Support]



Hi, Yes, I'm still seeing that SSL Security Check is flapping between "warning" and "green status", due to protocols version sometimes seen as unsecured (TLS1.0-1.1), sometimles only TLS1.2 is accessible.

All switches have the same configuration, and I already tried to remove-reenter the configuration of TLS version: same issue.

I think that the switch is well configured, but PRTG sensor is not always able to get correct data. What I also see in the switch event log: Line 1 = SSL/TLS session started for WEB-UI from <IP-of-PRTG> Line 2 (same second) = User: TLS connection failed for WEB-UI from <IP-of-PRTG> due to cipher mismatch Line 3 (same second) = User: TLS connection failed for WEB-UI from <IP-of-PRTG> (X times in 60 seconds)

Should I add a specific Ciphers ? Or remove some others ?

Best regards.

Created on May 31, 2023 9:58:47 AM




The recommendation is to update to the latest version where multiple SSL issues were fixed. If issue persists on this version, please contact us via a support ticket for further investigation.

Created on Jun 7, 2023 1:57:56 PM by  Mitzi Rodriguez [Paessler support]

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