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Delete Multiple Sensor at once



Dear PRTG Forum,

how can i delete multiple sensors at once.. i cannot use shift + select all non wanted sensors.. :(

it takes a very long time to delete 1 x 1..


devices prtg sensors

Created on Feb 18, 2015 2:52:52 PM

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When you open the management tab in the overview page, simply hold CTRL and click the sensors you want to delete. They will then be highlighted and you can delete them in the settings panel on the right side with the small trashcan icon.

Within that view you can also hold down shift to select an area of sensors, but be careful so you don't accidentally mark sensors you want to keep.

Created on Feb 18, 2015 3:02:08 PM by  Stephan Linke [Paessler Support]



does not work... :/

Created on Feb 18, 2015 3:38:30 PM



Try the following: Choose the device you want to edit and click on it, Make sure you on the view that gives you a list of all the sensors on your device in lines, it should like like this:


Then note that when you select more than one sensor, a certain toolbar appears above them with a trash bin icon:


I hope that helps.

Created on Feb 18, 2015 8:22:38 PM



Quote from diegorjc: does not work... :/

What exactly doesn't work?

Created on Feb 19, 2015 9:37:53 AM by  Stephan Linke [Paessler Support]



Got it!!

Created on Feb 19, 2015 2:59:18 PM



I know this is old but...

Since this was the first thing that came up in Google search results for "How to delete multiple monitors PRTG", I'll provide some input after figuring it out.

Go to "Devices", select "Management" from the secondary menu, CTRL/Shift click the devices like you would like using a windows browser.

When you have the selection correct, on the right hand side of the webpage, you'll see a list of all of the monitors you have selected. Below those you'll see a trashcan. Select that and confirm.

Devs... When I was using chrome, the confirmation box could not be moved, and was not displaying the Confirm/Cancel buttons at the bottom. I also could not scroll down to see them. I ended up having to zoom out quite a bit and then reset the zoom back to %100 after clicking the confirm button.

  1. Allow users to right click when multiple devices are selected in managment and select delete (currently only deletes the one device you happen to right click on with the others highlighted)
  1. Allow us to scroll down or move the box or something so that we're not having to adjust the zoom to see the buttons.

Created on Dec 11, 2017 7:02:55 PM

Last change on Dec 12, 2017 6:13:11 AM by  Stephan Linke [Paessler Support]



Hi GingerW00ki3,

Were you already using the latest PRTG version, i.e. the new webinterface? We fixed some of its quirks in the latest release candidate set to be released throughout the week or starting next week.

Let me know if the issue persists then :)

Kind regards,
Stephan Linke, Tech Support Team

Created on Dec 12, 2017 6:16:58 AM by  Stephan Linke [Paessler Support]



Still seeing the problems in the latest version - plus the new highlight of multiple objects (NOT like a Windows list, but drag across them) is not as good as the old Web UI.

When you select multiple objects far down the page, the controls bar still shows up (now vertical) at the top of the list, so you have to scroll back up to e.g. delete the objects and can't visually confirm what is still selected.

Created on Nov 20, 2018 8:44:27 PM



@Pete Wilson What specific objects (i.e. what view) are we talking about? Usually, the blue contextual menu (with the buttons) should scroll with the page, i.e. have a fixed position, and not stay at the top.

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Kind regards,
Stephan Linke, Tech Support Team

Created on Nov 21, 2018 9:20:02 AM by  Stephan Linke [Paessler Support]

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