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Wishlist: add cert check to RADIUS sensor



According to Case PAE695407 I would really appreciate if the RADIUS sensor can be complemented with a certificate lifetime check. RADIUS is often used in conjunction with wired or wireless authentication and Protected EAP (PEAP), and therefore a valid certificate is needed.

certificate peap radius

Created on May 10, 2016 5:39:55 AM

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Dear Ivo

Thank you for your input. It is noted.

Please allow me to communicate honestly that we ask you to not expect this kind of sensor in the foreseeable future though. The reason is that we are currently working on other features and sensors which we expect to offer more utility. We still collect all user feedback and evaluate it on a regular basis.

Created on May 10, 2016 1:01:04 PM by  Arne Seifert [Paessler Support]



Any further update or timeline on this feature? Currently, we manually check expiration dates on our PEAP certs, but it would be handy to have a warning alert us of a cert expiring in 30 days or so. As a managed service provider, it'd be helpful for us to avoid one of our clients coming in to the office one day not able to authenticate any wireless devices; helps us keep an eye on things more easily.

Created on Aug 29, 2016 8:17:28 PM



Dear dmcintyre

While we constantly add new sensors and improve existing sensors, checking certificates for PEAP is not planned. That might change in the future, but realistically I don't expect that any time soon, I am sorry.

Created on Aug 30, 2016 11:38:11 AM by  Arne Seifert [Paessler Support]



We would like PRTG to support validation of PEAP certificates as well.

Created on Apr 29, 2019 10:00:47 AM



Dear Joachim,

thank you for the input.

As of now, the Radius sensor is still not scheduled for an overhaul, because we currently work on sensors for which we see higher demand.

Created on Apr 29, 2019 11:29:02 AM by  Arne Seifert [Paessler Support]



Hi Arne

Thank you for answering. I'm just courious: is there a list we can see which new sensors or improvements are planned? We all really appreciate your work and you and your team mates are doing a great job with PRTG. But sometimes I'm very confused (with a tendence to be a little upset) when I see which sensors are on higher priority than a simple cert-check (which you already have) on a existing sensor.

Best regards Ivo

Created on Apr 29, 2019 7:50:31 PM



Dear Ivo,

regarding communicating roadmaps, we want to be careful, because it can happen that another feature gets higher priority which delays others.

Adding a feature into an existing sensor might look like a quick task. It still has to be defined, accepted, implemented, reviewed, merged, tested, documented, and the language file needs new strings for all supported languages in the interface. Those languages have to be reviewed by native speaking colleagues.

We want to use the developer time in order to serve the most users in most ways. We get too many useful ideas and requests to implement them all. But a lot of the improvement of PRTG is based on user feedback.

Created on Apr 30, 2019 12:56:26 PM by  Arne Seifert [Paessler Support]



Hi, that sensor would be really appreciated. thank you.

Created on Jan 21, 2021 8:09:54 PM



I would also like to see this feature. As our cert expired today and wireless clients were locked out. We work at a hospital and its' essential that this not happen.



Created on Feb 4, 2021 10:38:00 PM




as we currently work on a lot of new sensors, an update of the Radius sensor is not in the pipeline at this time.

A feature request can be made with a new format which increases visibility.

Created on Feb 5, 2021 5:24:24 PM by  Arne Seifert [Paessler Support]

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