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MySQL v2 Migration



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Im looking at getting my existing sensors migrated to v2 , struggling with the first one though and its very simple.

Its a replication check to ensure slave services are running, i current just run the below query and use post processing options to verify it.

here is the query, it returns 'off' or 'on'

select variable_value from information_schema.global_status where variable_name='slave_running';

In mysql v2 , i created the sql file but i cant find options to valid date response, i get an error with everything i have tried.

How can set status based on this on/off response ?


lookups mysql-v2 prtg sensor string

Created on Oct 6, 2016 2:31:48 PM by  anthony187 (0) 1

Last change on Oct 6, 2016 6:22:11 PM by  Luciano Lingnau [Paessler]

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Hello Anthony,
thank you for your KB-post.

Did you check out the following KB-post? It may help you with the migration:

Regarding your specific inquiry, please note that PRTG is not designed to handle strings. A sensor's channel expects values to be numerical (integer or float) and the SQL v2 sensors are no exception. Since SQL is quite flexible, you can use CASE statements to return a numerical value for "on" and "off", then assign a lookup in PRTG to translate this value to a message and status. Please check the following:

PRTG includes two standard lookups which your could use for "On/Off" so that you don't need to create additional lookups:


      <SingleInt state="Ok" value="1">Yes</SingleInt>
      <SingleInt state="Error" value="2">No</SingleInt>


      <SingleInt state="Ok" value="1">No</SingleInt>
      <SingleInt state="Error" value="2">Yes</SingleInt>

If you wish to further understand lookups, please review the following:

Best Regards,
Luciano Lingnau [Paessler Support]

Created on Oct 6, 2016 6:21:53 PM by  Luciano Lingnau [Paessler]

Last change on Oct 6, 2016 6:22:20 PM by  Luciano Lingnau [Paessler]

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