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Time to support (Group)Managed Service Accounts (gMSA)



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While Security is getting more and more Important nowadays, it seems there is no way to use gMSA in PRTG. First problem is that Kerberos isn't supported with all delivered sensors (for example WMI seems to rely on NTLM) Second Problem and Bug BTW: Windows Credentials in PRTG are allowed to be saved without Password, but then you get an error when Adding Sensors which rely on WinCreds, all Sensors are greyed out and it says "these Sensors need valid Windows Credentials".

I think a Windows only product should support all Authentication Types which also the Windows Host Supports, because no one would lower Security on Systems only to get the Monitoring in PRTG running!

PLease think about changing the Logon/Authentication Process, so it is independent from the choosen sensor type.

Without using a domainadmin or globally available local admin which isn't security best practice it's not possible to monitor hundreds of servers right now, so again please add Support for gMSA.

And Finally please give your customers a ability to post development request which can be votet, here inside the knowledgebase is not the best place, im pretty sure you will get lots of valuable suggestions. (lol, I think there are more urgent requests then the "new alertmail design" every few releases ;-)

authetication gmsa logon powershell wmi

Created on Oct 10, 2016 2:26:47 PM by  Daniel Wessely (1) 1

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Dear Daniel

Thank you for your feedback. While we are planning to work on some Windows sensors in the future, the current WMI authentication options work for most WMI users. We did not test gMSA logins for WMI sensors, because the demand is still too low.

I agree, entering and changing individual local administrator credentials for the server is quite some work and using a domain admin could be undesirable. For the time being though, these will be the options we officially support.

Please understand that we don't want have votable requests, as they could create the false impression that highly voted requests will actually be prioritized. We have an internal road map and work on features which we deem important.

We keep an eye on the knowledge base, organize feedback given in support tickets and talk with PRTG users online, and in person. We are happy that we get so many good ideas and useful suggestions. Many PRTG features are based on the feedback of users. Much of the polish following the initial implementation is based on feedback.

Implementing a feature can take more time than expected, delaying further developments. That is why we don't publish roadmaps or wanting to have an actual vote implemented, because we rather don't want to create any false hope.

Created on Oct 11, 2016 1:57:24 PM by  Arne Seifert [Paessler Support]

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