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Maps - Map Designer - Status box transparent




I am very active with the Maps in PRTG but i notice something that for me, is realy an annoyance. When i have a lot of devices with the status and name displayed undernearth the device. And i change the background of the map to something like a satelite background or simply a darker background.

Than you get all these area's where the box that contains the name and status of the device is still white. Wich covers your background, for instance a plan of the building.

or when you have a simple gray background you see al these white boxes.

Is it possible to have the name/status box under a device to be able to be transparent or something like a adjustable transparancy slider in the settings. and if that makes the text harder to read, be able to also change the color of the text?

Right now i feel forced to keep using the standard white background.

in case you are a bit confused here is a example of what i mean: https://ibb.co/dwsBpH

I hope someone can help me, or this gets added as a new feature in a new version of PRTG.

Kind regards, Jos

background maps status transparent

Created on Apr 25, 2018 9:32:40 AM

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Which version are you using presently?

It is possible to do this, but it would require you to modify the map object HTML.

We no longer support this from a support standpoint. New versions will potentially erase changes done to default map objects, but if you create new ones, these should persist.

Created on Apr 26, 2018 3:48:35 AM by  Benjamin Day [Paessler Support] (1,441) 2 1



Hello Benjamin,

I have version V so it is very recent, i know there was a new update last week available.

Other than that, i do have custom maps made my self. so if i change a devices icon with a html of my own the white status box should dissapear?

Created on Apr 26, 2018 6:27:58 AM



I treid playing with the HTML befor but it does not seem to work with the status box. See example 2: https://ibb.co/idTUuH

i managed to change the background color to an blue But the status box is still white.

Created on Apr 26, 2018 8:13:27 AM



You would have to create a custom map object.


Custom objects with different filenames, will not be deleted.

These custom objects would be based off ones we currently have, but then you would have to modify the code to create the transparent background.

Created on Apr 26, 2018 6:30:16 PM by  Benjamin Day [Paessler Support] (1,441) 2 1



Hello Benjamin,

Once again thanks for your answer. I'm gonna look into that.

Created on Apr 26, 2018 8:07:06 PM

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