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[LOOKING AT]: We need a new map designer



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User Story

As a PRTG User, I want a better map designer.

Details of User Story

PRTG did well implementing the new interface but we miss a good map designer. Current one is quite impossible to be used: you can't select more than one object, you can't align, it changes width/height of items, you can't customize object (font size, color, logo etc.) and I think that it's not a good point for Paessler.

We've got a Ferrari engine hidden behind the chassis of a Fiat Uno (kept togheter with glue and tape).

With PRTG I can control a really big IT infrastructure with few clicks but if I've want to show to the CEO what this wonderfull system do ... meh: it's really hard. Imagine if we've got a professional map designer that can show cool NOC dashboard that we can show even to CEO, this could be good for the IT manager and even for Paessler too.

Recently you've posted a good post about "how to create a NOC Dashboard", please, take a look at your first suggested dashboard: https://image.ibb.co/h3Fet8/overview_map1.png

- For the sunburst you used "Devices - Sunburst with a static icon in the center.", great appeal but if you pick sunburst object, put in the map, then pick the static Icon and put it in the center of the sunburst ... the map designer switch the sunburst with the stati image. So the correct way to achieve a sunburst with a static image in the middle is to put the sunburst in the map, put the image in the map but not over the sunburst, move the image in the middle of the sunburst (manually, without any align help). Wonderful, we did it! But you've to move the sunburst of few pixel because it's not well fitted in the page: you've to move the sunburst, then move the image because there'snt a multi selection of the objects. - For the business process you used "Status Icons - Sizeable Icon on Status Related Background with various default icons layered". First of all: how can use "various default icons layered"? There'snt an option, you've to search on the web/forum or you never been able to create the same effect that you suggest in this dashboard. Another problem (same as before) is that you've a border around the six status object: if you use the "green box" object you've to place it manually and if you want to move the status objects you've to manually move the green box too, alternatively you can create a custom object to set a simple "border: 2px solid green" in the DIV; - About the 4 Data tables: I've got a similar structure too but I've got a big problem: I want that each data table has got the same width/height and be aligned with the other data table. I can't do this because if I change the width of an item, the map designer automatically modify the height/width. If I write 100 it change it to 98, if I move the object the width change from 98 to 96, if I try to manually drag the width size ... it changes even the height.

TLDR: nice post about dashboarding but a normal user of PRTG can't achieve that dashboard alone.

I repeat: We've got a Ferrari engine hidden behind the chassis of a Fiat Uno (kept togheter with glue and tape). Please: give us some good map tool!

Acceptance criteria

  • direkt link to error page
  • allow to see which device tree objects are shown by a map object
  • Customize font (size, alignment)
  • library integration out of the box


Looking At.

map-designer maps prtg-kbtracker

Created on May 23, 2018 3:46:20 PM

Last change on Aug 7, 2020 12:03:25 PM by  Stephan Linke [Paessler Support]


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