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[OPEN] Add snapshot of map to alert notification



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User Story

When sending notification about some events, it is very important to see not just a status of a single sensor, but a bigger image. As an example...In case a primary line of primary ISP goes down, I need to know that the secondary line is doing OK and that it has taken over the workload, that all services have failed (same public IP) over and in case some have failed, which ones are that. It is also beneficial for me to see whether this is a site specific problem or whether sensors on other sites related to the same ISP show any bad changes.

Details of User Story

Every second matters when a critical alert comes. It is necessary to make sure that the alert notification contains everything what can help minimize the time towards resolution of the situation. When one ESXi server loses connectivity to storage, I need to know that the other ESXIs do not have the same problem and that the critical VMs are running ok. Therefore a way how to enable visibility in a snapshot is to make notification emails customizable by allowing PRTG admins to put there maps according to their own needs.

It would be great to be able to send such snapshot not only via email, but also via custom exe notifications, so that the file would be generated to some PRTG folder where it could be loaded and used by custom exe notification.

Acceptance criteria

  • Share the same map designer like for standard maps
  • Add inheritable attribute to the device tree with a link to a map
  • Send a snapshot of a map with a link to a map, to make sure that the status in the moment of triggering notification is saved as a picture. A link should be there to make sure the recepient can check current status.



add-feature maps notifications prtg-kbtracker

Created on Oct 23, 2019 10:32:44 PM by  R (1) 1

Last change on Oct 24, 2019 4:21:45 AM by  Sven Roggenhofer [Paessler Technical Support]


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