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[OPEN] PING for designated devices that do NOT count against Sensor Available total



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User Story

As a PRTG User, I would like to see the existing PING Sensor not count against Sensor Available total. As someone who primarily supports small businesses (less than 20 devices), PRTG is an exceptional solutions to monitor important aspects of the network and server infrastructure. However, sometimes I just need to know if an end user device (desktop/laptop/tablet/smartphone) is up or down, connected or not, "ping" yes or no... etc. Even the investment of $1750 (plus $435 a year after at current pricing) for 500 sensors is high for small businesses (plumber, electricians, salons, restaurants, boutiques, etc.). As more services are shifting to the cloud, we still need to know if end user devices are up or down.

There are many free and/or easy ways to get a ping result back from an IP Device. Anyone with minimal experience with pretty much any scripting language could create one themselves. But having that monitoring and "real devices" in the same pane of glass is really valuable. It also helps us provide data to our clients in a simple and effective manner.

For these reasons, I believe a simple device ping should not count as a "Sensor" or there should be an alternative up/down option that is excluded.

Acceptance criteria

  • Criteria #1 - The existing PING Sensor not count against Sensor Available total or at least [or]
  • Criteria #2 - A second type of PING Sensor that reported the same status and but did not count against Sensor Available total. This sensor could lock a device so that no other sensors can be added. The administrator would have to convert this device to the default PING Sensor in order to add other sensors and at that point, the PING sensor would then count against the Sensor Available total. [or]
  • Criteria #3 - A special group type that would be locked down to only apply the existing PING Sensor. This group would have all member's PING Sensor excluded from Sensor Available total.



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Created on Apr 18, 2020 11:31:52 PM by  Adam (1) 1

Last change on Apr 20, 2020 4:10:47 AM by  Sven Roggenhofer [Paessler Technical Support]


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