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Please create native sensors for monitoring Lenovo ThinkSystem servers via XClarity



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User Story

As a PRTG User, I want to be able to monitor Lenovo ThinkSystem servers via the XClarity interface with native XClarity sensors, just like there are currently native HP iLO sensors that work beautifully, and Dell iDRAC sensors that appear to do similar to the HP ones.

Details of User Story

For years, we've happily used HP ProLiant Gen8 and 9 servers with iLO 4. iLO 4 is fantastic in its ability to manage our HP ProLiant systems, and as a massive added bonus, we found that when we purchased PRTG, our HP ProLiant servers worked out of the box with built in sensors for monitoring critical components.

The top HP sensors I use, pointed at the iLO interface of all our Gen8/9 HP ProLiant servers are:

  • SNMP HPE ProLiant Logical Disk sensor - For monitoring the health of our RAID arrays/logical disks
  • SNMP HPE ProLiant Physical Disk sensor - For monitoring the state of our individual disks (super handy for knowing exactly which disk has failed or has predictive failure triggered)
  • SNMP HPE ProLiant System Health sensor - For monitoring basically everything you could ever want to monitor on a server with ONE sensor (fans, temperature, disk controller, power supply status, power draw, and overall thermal status).

Right now, in order to monitor the Lenovo servers, I need to go through a much longer process of importing specific custom OIDs that I actually want to monitor using PRTG's MIB Importer (because if I try to import the XClarity MIBs directly, they're way too bloated with thousands of entries). Once I finally get a condensed XClarity MIB for use with PRTG, it works, but it isn't nearly as nice as the native HP sensors above.

Here's a few of the problems I have with the way I have to monitor Lenovo servers now:

  • Condensing the MIBs takes time, where as the HPE ProLiant sensors are an "add it to the iLO device you're monitoring and you're done" type situation.
  • Multiple SNMP Custom String sensors are required for each item wanting to be monitored; each power supply, each disk, each memory module...all individual sensors which rises the sensor count required by a ton, where as the HPE ProLiant System Health sensor is a single sensor
  • Each individual sensor, once added, also needs to be configured to tell it what's good and what's bad. So I have to see what the response is in a normal condition, record that response in the Keyword Search - Response Must Include (Down Status) section of the sensor
  • If/when a sensor does enter a down state (for example, one of the two power supplies fails), PRTG continuously sends Down alerts to our trigger destination of choice (Slack, Teams, email, etc.), instead of a single down notification. So if we have our Lenovo sensors scanning every 5 minutes, and a component fails, we receive a notification about that component being down *every 5 minutes*, instead of just once with the HPE sensors, which are by the way much more accurate at the error they're giving and telling us the exact problem.
  • I can only select Response Time or Downtime as the sensor primary channel for the sensor display when viewing an overview of the system. Seeing a bunch of "32ms, 36ms, 24ms" is far less useful than "OK, OK, OK" on the HPE sensors.

Acceptance criteria

  • Have a Lenovo ThinkSystem sensor that monitors System health in a single sensor with multiple channels for each item being monitored (temperature, power supply, etc.)
  • Have a Lenovo ThinkSystem sensor that monitors Physical Disk health
  • Have a Lenovo ThinkSystem sensor that monitors Logical Disk health (this one's a "nice to have", but I see that HPE ProLiant has a sensor for this, but not Dell PowerEdge)



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Created on Jul 24, 2020 5:56:09 AM


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