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How do I get "device" icon to show up on Custom Map Object?



I can create a custom map item based on existing map objects but it is extremely hard to find which map object .htm files are used for which map items. I am just starting out customizing map items and can get a simple status map object with an image icon in it, but I have to place that icon image in it manually. I am trying to load the image with the device icon like for example the default iconA first selection does. I don't want the Computer graphic but I want to replicate the small icon followed by device name. (Hover allowing selection of sensor would be greatas well) and below it the status icons. Below is the Custom item I am testing with.

<!--Status Icons: Status Related Background-->

<div class="map_object map_icon2 mapicon_status_white  id="<@itemid>" objectid="<@objectid>" subid="<@subid>" style="<#mapobject type="coordinates" subid="<@subid>" mode="<@editmode>">">
  <#mapobject type="objectgrip" mode="<@editmode>">
  <#mapobject type="htmlbefore" subid="<@subid>">
  <img src="/images/HarmonicLogo.png" ALIGN="left" HSPACE="3" VSPACE="5">
  <div class="label" style="width:100%;text-align:right;font-size:large;padding-right: 8px"><#objectproperty name="Name" id="<@objectid>"></div>
<#objectstatus name="downsens"  id="<@objectid>">
<#objectstatus name="downacksens"  id="<@objectid>">
<#objectstatus name="warnsens" id="<@objectid>">
<#objectstatus name="upsens" id="<@objectid>">
<!--<#objectstatus name="pausedsens" id="<@objectid>">-->
<#objectstatus name="unusualsens" id="<@objectid>">
<#objectstatus name="undefinedsens" id="<@objectid>">

  <#mapobject type="htmlafter" subid="<@subid>">

I just used that as a starter object and I was going to have it on status background but found any paused sensors took over the background color and I have plenty that have paused sensors I want to ignore. I can slap my own image in like I did above but I want to use the one associated with the device to make this a more universal object. Maybe an #objectproperty icon = "Icon"

custom icon map

Created on Oct 16, 2020 5:00:38 AM

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Maybe these articles might help you here:

Where can I find custom map objects and other map customizations?

How can I add or edit map objects used for PRTG's maps?

Otherwise, I'm afraid we as Paessler cannot help further with customization: What is your position towards customizing the PRTG web interface?. Maybe someone else out of the community might be able to help here.

Kind Regards,
Timo Dambach
Paessler Tech Support

Created on Oct 16, 2020 11:52:16 AM by  Timo Dambach [Paessler Support]



I had to dig through the API documentation and found references to extracting the URL for a sensor icon. For the API /api/getobjectstatus.htm?id=objectid&name=columnname you get the object status parameter where "name" is actually the parameter you are looking for. When Name is "icon" you get the URL of the icon. So I put it in the form of Map objects and

<#objectstatus name="icon" id="<@objectid>

returns the URL of the icon assigned to that object. As an entry in the custom sensor htm file it just displays the icon. I can't seem to get it to be used in an img statement that would allow me to format it more precisely but it is good enough for now.

Created on Oct 19, 2020 7:59:37 PM

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